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  1. doverraja

    landing question

    Hi, When couple land where one of them is the primary applicant, do we need to approach CBSA officer at the airport after getting kiosk slip together ? If let's say we are in same queue one after the other, how does the officer know primary has landed? Thanks
  2. doverraja

    UPS mailbox

    Hi, Did anyone manage to open UPS mailbox for PR card delivery and if so, what's the fee structure ? May i also know how it works and whether international mail forwarding service is provided ? Thanks
  3. doverraja

    Email on each status update?

    Hi all, I do not get any email when there is an update for instance, (ADR, MED, IP2 etc) . Is this normal? when do we get email update? Thanks
  4. doverraja

    No Medical update since ADR

    Hi All, It's been close to 1 month since AOR on 28th Nov 2017 but there has been no update on my medical. I received ADR on Travel history on 12th Dec and submitted the same on 16th Dec. After this , I see the following in my Application, could you please comment on this. Application...
  5. doverraja

    IRCC email reply

    hi may I know how long does IRCC take to reply the e mail regarding visa office
  6. doverraja

    Computer generated employment letter

    Hi All, My company can provide all the details stated by CIC in the employment letter but the only issue is it is a system generated letter and therefore the following details are missing 1) Personnel officer or manager name 2) Signature so my question is 1) Is it enough if the...
  7. doverraja

    Spouse education and work experience

    Hi Guys, I just submitted my express entry profile with 445 crs points. In the spouse education and work experience section, i answered NO since i did not want to claim points as i already have more than the ongoing cut-off will it be considered as misrepresentation of...
  8. doverraja

    PCC request format from CIC

    Does anyone provide letter of request from CIC to apply for PCC. In my case I need letter to apply for 2 countries . Does CIC provide a generic request letter so I can use it for those 2 countries to obtain PCC? Thanks
  9. doverraja

    work experience claim

    hi guys, we have 460 crs when primary applicant declares 4 years of foreign work experience but we find it difficult to get work experience letter for the first 2 years . Is it ok if i declare only the last 2 years of work experience from current company because it's easier to...
  10. doverraja

    WES result by ordinary post

    Hi guys I chose ordinary post as delivery option to deliver my result to me ? Is the hard copy really needed and so I should switch to courier instead of ordinady post? Thanks
  11. doverraja

    WES Recipient 2

    Hi All, In the account information page of WES, i see this does WES send to IRCC once evaluation is completed? The reason am asking this is because i have not created my Express entry profile yet and so how does IRCC relate with this document? Thanks Recipient 1: my name Delivery...
  12. doverraja

    PR card delivery service

    Hi, Is there an immigrant consultant service who can be used only for collection of PR card and subsequently ask the service to post to our foreign address? Thanks
  13. doverraja

    itranscript for anna university - delay

    there is a notification when i log into It says processing will be delayed from July 21, 2017. do you guys know what's the delay? Thanks
  14. doverraja

    ECS not mandatory after ITA

    I read from this forum that ECA is not mandatory for spouse. Currently our CRS is 467 without spouse ECA points as a couple? Do you think not providing ECA after ITA will have any impact on PR approval? Thanks