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    Imp Q. Supplementary Travel History for PR

    Nobody will ask for that. Travel history is only for background check and police clearance. IRCC already knows your country of citizenship from your passport, that's why you don't have to list travels back home. There is no new information gained from listing it.
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    Imp Q. Supplementary Travel History for PR

    Places she has resided in don't go to the travel history at all. Her stay in Canada goes to the address history starting with the day of her 18th birthday. Only trips taken for business or holiday go to the travel history. Trips taken between Canada and the country of her citizenship don't have...
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    I am holding two passports. I Can I transfer my Canada PR visa to my another passport

    If you have disclosed the second citizenship just ask IRCC to issue you a new COPR on the second passport. Send them a webform
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    URGENT, system won't accept my country code during filling my express entry profile

    Country code for Egypt is EGY. It's listed on your passport.
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    Common-law vs single

    If you read it you'll notice it's exactly what I said. If you don't declare the common-law relationship now then you can't claim it later and if you do you'll receive the PFL. Living together 365 days does NOT automatically make you common-law, that's why a common law relationship has to be...
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    Port of Entry - Travel History

    No, don't worry about it. You also don't need to list them exactly by date. "01.01.2020 - 10.01.2020" Australia - Sidney, Melbourne, Canberra - Tourism" would have been totally fine.
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    Address History Confusion

    Yes, you you choose "NO" except in the last line which has your current residence. If you studied continually in Canada on an uninterrupted visa you don't need to list your trips home in the address history. List the whole time as residing in Canada. You can list the trips home in your travel...
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    Pr rejected worked 19 days without work permit

    That is very common. IRCC will refuse your application for all kinds of small mistakes. Reference letter missing some details, PCC is missing a day etc. They will not give you the opportunity to rectify your mistakes. ATIP is Access to Information and Privacy, a way to receive a copy of your...
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    PCC date confusion.

    Should be okay. It just can't be shorter than your period of stay.
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    About inadmissible spouse sponsorship

    The main issue is that StatCan goes by the addresses on the birth registration forms, where most expecting mothers put the address of the maternity center they are staying at prior to the birth. Almost nobody is writing down their Chinese address there. The Canadian Institute for Health...
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    Common-law vs single

    Boyfriend and Girlfriend doesn't make you common law, you must have your affairs combined, i.e. basically live together like you were married. As a matter of fact, calling yourself "boyfriend" and "girlfriend" proves that it's not a common law relationship. Because that would be "de facto"...
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    Common-law vs single

    You can choose to apply as single. Common law is a de facto relationship. Meaning you must establish it based on facts, in contrast to marriage which is a de jure relationship. Living together for one year does not automatically become a common law relationship. It's up to you to decide if you...
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    My Associate and Bachelor Degrees in ECA are combined and considered as one Bachelor degree. How should I fill my education history for Express Entry

    I would choose the ECA equivalent for the Associate's degree as nothing. That way the system will only count one bachelor, which is what your assessment says. If you enter 2 bachelor's degrees the system will give you more points, but when you get drawn the officer will refuse the application.
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    biometrics when to perform

    You will usually get the request for Biometrics after your medicals have been passed.
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    Canada border

    Yes/maybe. If you have an US visa you can travel via land border. You can't just transfer at an airport because foreign airlines will prevent you from boarding with just the COPR. On other places of the IRCC website it mentions only US residents are allowed to travel, but that isn't actually...
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    "City of Birth": Put the actual city of birth or what's in my passport?

    Put whatever is written on your passport. You don't have to provide a birth certificate so your passport is the only place to match it against.
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    Staying in canada submitted EE Profile without family

    You can ask Ontario PNP to add your family after you have received the nomination certificate. They will usually agree to that. Then just accept the nomination, add 600 points to your current profile and when you apply just add your family to the application. Your score will get recalculated but...
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    Bellaluna, Asivad...please help-OINP vs. NSNP nomination

    You don't need a job offer for OINP. They will do draws in the Express Entry pool. The employment based programs are closed for the time being.
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    travel history last ten years - after EE invitation

    Put the dates you arrived and left the destination country