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  1. Islander216

    Anyone travelled to Canada recently?

    Has anyone travelled recently and booked a place on airbnb for quarantine? Did you have any issues at immigration?
  2. Islander216

    Citizenship based taxation for OCIs and Indian citizens

    Hey, sorry if this is a bit off topic, but there are some people saying India has implemented citizenship based taxation starting April 1 2020. Can someone confirm this? I haven't seen much online about it. Also if this is true, does it apply to OCIs as well? Just wondering for future tax...
  3. Islander216

    Proof of funds for spouse?

    Hi everyone, So my turn to ask a question lol. My cousin and her husband are gearing up to apply for immigration. I told them that one of the criteria is that they have to provide proof of funds, which includes a bank letter stating their bank balance and any loans they have at the moment...
  4. Islander216

    What organisation to use for ECA?

    Hey, so what's the latest news on which is the best organisation to use to get your ECA report? I used WES and i was pretty content with what i got on my report, but it seems that more and more people are using CES (UT) nowadays. I wanted to know what the latest news is and which is the best...