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    March Applicants

    Hi, As there any recent PPR requests received. I have lodged my bio-metrics since Oct 26. still no passport request? Thanks
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    Hi, Are there still March applicants like me who havent received any update or resolution on their application. As classes are about to start what are everyone's plans and have you tried contacting your school and IRCC. And is there any indication of extending the Sept 15 deadline? Thanks...
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    Applied in March 2020 file complete biometrics done ! Anybody got Aip those who applied in march

    applied MArch 12, there are still no updates. Im just awaiting for IRCC to adjust or move the Sep 15 date to accommodate us March and Feb applicants
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    It's gonna rain AIPs once again

    Centennial College in Toronto
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    It's gonna rain AIPs once again

    same here buddy, applied March 12, biometrics pending, last update was june 25, medical passed, sds as well still no freaking response
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    Filipinos who received AIP 2020

    hi, whats with gcms notes, care to explain pls. salamat
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    Hi, Any March applicants that received their respective AIPs? I was in the impression that applcants applied earlier will be prioritized. Updated my own LOA through webform and no response from IRCC as well. Any cases of such delays here? Please do share, Thanks
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    AIPs received on August 17th. Please update here

    I hope to get my AIP, as I have applied online since March 12. I hope everyone does. Thanks mate
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    AIPs received on August 17th. Please update here

    Will IRCC provide AIPs to all Sep 2020 intake applicants. If im not mistaken, processing of AIPs is up until 15th Sep? Can anyone confirm this, Thanks
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    Study Permit applicants who applied in May 2020 but still waiting for AIP

    Applied March 12, SDS Pending Biometrics June 25, 2020 Medical Passed **STILL NO AIP
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    AIP for Philippines students

    Ive lodged mine last March 12 online, I've passed the medical last June 25, 2020 but still haven't passed my biometrics. I'm hoping to start this Fall and they are already reviewing my eligibility. Hoping to receive AIPs before Sep.
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    AIP for Philippines students

    Hi Everyone, I'm just curious if any Filipino have received an AIP already? Had my application submitted since March 12. Thanks in advance!
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    may 2020 intake (general discussion)

    Hi guys lodged my application last March 12 for May 2020 intake. With the current status, will classes start on time for May? Thanks in advance