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  1. SithLord

    Ray of Hope - 107th Draw

    Results: Rounds of invitations Ministerial Instructions respecting invitations to apply for permanent residence under the Express Entry system – December 12, 2018 No program specified See full text of Ministerial Instruction Number of invitations issued: 3,900Footnote* Rank required to be...
  2. SithLord

    Need advice

    Hello :) I hope someone can guide me on my current situation. I applied for PR and cleared my medicals on November 30 and on the same day I received a request on my CIC account for ADR(IMM 5669). On December 1st, I uploaded the documents. However, I noticed that in Personal History I...
  3. SithLord

    Proof of funds

    6 months ago, I opened a new current account specifically for PR purposes. I did some minor transactions in the following weeks to keep the account active. 4 months ago, my mother transferred 9 lakhs from her FD into my account and since then I have maintained that 9 lakhs balance. I have got...
  4. SithLord

    Ryerson University

    I'm trying to apply for masters. How good is this university? Is it easy to get in?
  5. SithLord

    noc 5241 vs 2175

    Hi, I currently work as a creative designer and my job responsibilities is a combination of graphic design(5241) and web design(2175). I'm stuck at 435 and with the recent trend I'm unlikely to get a direct ITA. since I do not have any connections to Canada, I'm looking at PNP. So I am...
  6. SithLord

    UK PCC

    Hi, I had applied for UK PCC on July 16th from India but still haven't received it. Anyone knows how long it takes to receive it? I had even emailed them but no response
  7. SithLord

    Has anyone had any luck in finding a job through job bank?

    Just wondering I have send hundreds of CVs but had no luck. Has anyone ever been offered a job through the Canadian Job bank. How do you approach this? It's freaking hard to get even a response
  8. SithLord

    ECA Assessment for incomplete degree

    Hey guys, This question is for my friend. he has an incomplete masters degree, however he was awarded with a post graduate diploma from UK university. Since he has a completed diploma I suggested he sends it too as he is losing nothing. There is a good chance he can get points for two or more...
  9. SithLord

    IELTS Writing Band 7.

    I would just like to share my 2 cents to everyone who are struggling with writing. I have taken the general training test thrice. 1st attempt L/R/W/S - 6.5/6/5.5/6.5 2nd attempt L/R/W/S - 7.5/6.5/6.5/7 3rd attempt L/R/W/S - 8/9/7/7.5 Honestly, I felt I will have to resit again since I...
  10. SithLord

    Attestation from University of Madras

    Hi guys, Can anyone tell me if WES accepts attestation from University of Madras from the attestation officers? I am going this week to get my mark sheets attested and would like to know if anyone has followed the same procedure? Should I inform the clerk to get my certificates attested from...
  11. SithLord

    Transcripts from University of Madras

    Hi seniors, I have my masters from university of madras. I am going to request my transcript from UNOM this week. I have been reading here that WES does not accept transcripts that are signed and sealed by the attestation officer? Can anyone please guide me on this? How do I request for my...
  12. SithLord

    Incomplete Task 1 - Writing

    Guys, I just had my IELTS today and I feel bad. I spent too much time on task 2 and only managed to write 110 words for task 1 :( although I covered all the 3 main points but the word limit was too short. Is there any chance of getting 7? This was my third attempt. I did Listening and Reading...
  13. SithLord

    Manitoba Exploratory visit 2018

    Does anyone know when the exploratory visit opens this year?
  14. SithLord


    Can you qualify for Alberta express entry without any strong ties to the province? I do not have any connection to Alberta but I would like to live there. Is there a chance for me to qualify? My noc is 5231
  15. SithLord

    How to score band 8 in listening

    Hello seniors, can anyone give me tips on how to score 8 in ielts listening? In my first attempt I scored 7.5 and I constantly keep getting 7 or 7.5 in practice tests too. How do I improve the score? any tips? I'm going for my second attempt on 30th June
  16. SithLord

    IELTS Registering

    Hi seniors, I wrote IELTS back in December and scored L/R/W/S 7.5/6.5/6.5/7. Now after 6 months of practice I am planning to sit for IELTS again. I am just registering for the test and I wanted to know should I fill in the purpose of the test as 'immigration'. Last time I did fill it as...
  17. SithLord

    Manitoba Exploratory visit 2018

    hello experts, does anyone know when the exploratory visits open for Manitoba this year or has it already been done?
  18. SithLord

    ECA(WES) for post graduate certificate

    Hi experts, need your advise. I have an incomplete masters degree, due to personal/family reasons I couldn't complete my degree. I quit after 6 months and received a post graduate certificate instead from University of Glasgow. However, I have a 3 year bachelor's degree from India. So my...
  19. SithLord

    Need advise

    Hey guys, I wanted to immigrate to Canada so badly and tried to take the student route unfortunately I was rejected by windsor, concordia and regina for masters. I may have a chance to get in lethbridge for next year but I am not sure if I want to wait for that long. Although the supervisor I am...
  20. SithLord

    Will I get admit in UWindsor?

    I have applied for MFA program in UWindsor for Fall 2018 intake. 65% BA and 70% in final 2 years.(no backlogs) IELTS - 7(R/W -6.5 L-7.5 S-7) I only applied to 2 universities. Concordia(rejected) and Uwindsor. It's been 3 months and I have still not heard anything from windsor. I contacted...