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  1. Ashsha

    IELTS Academic Computer based 9th April 2021 in Qatar

    Hii, anyone who did exam on this Friday, wanna discuss some answers??
  2. Ashsha

    Applicants from Qatar - Let’s connect here

    Hi, Has anyone from Qatar applied for PR in the Express entry? We can connect here and share our experiences and help each other.
  3. Ashsha

    Email from WES stating that they need a WES Confirmation of Degree Conferral Form

    Please help. I received this email from WES.... Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, United Kingdom Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting, 2014 Examination Results | Accepted Final Certificate | Not Accepted Reason: The documents sent to WES do not indicate your graduation...
  4. Ashsha

    What is the equivalency of CIMA (Finalist) , UK by WES Canada?

    Hi, I would like to know if completing ACMA add any value to the to the category of education equivalency. I read a few posts which said, CIMA passed finalist is considered as a 3 year bachelors. I want to know if ACMA adds any value or still it will be considered as a 3 year bachelors.