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  1. ntwkengg

    Track your PR card timeline and processing times here

    Hi all, please add your timeline for pr card when you applied and if you already got your pr card recently in 2016 then please add your timeline here so everyone will get some idea as how much time it will take. Right now processing increased to 100 days. last week it was 90 days. and last to...
  2. ntwkengg

    Did anyone applied for urgent processing of pr card?

    Hi, I just wanted to know did anyone applied for urgent processing of PR card? If yes then how to apply? Is it through Case specific enquiry (CSE) or some other way? I am asking this because I just got PPR and I just sent my passport so may be planning to do flagpole once i get passport and...
  3. ntwkengg

    Regarding level of education selection in Express Entry

    Hello , One of my friend did pharmacy outside Canada. He got ECA report which shows that Canadian Equivalency to "Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy Degree." Now there are two options in selecting level of education in express entry. 1) Bachelor’s degree or other programs (three or more years) at...
  4. ntwkengg

    14th draw is out check it for CRS 471 and above

    Ministerial Instructions respecting invitations to apply for permanent residence under the Express Entry system #14 – August 7, 2015 The Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, pursuant to section 10.3 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, gives the annexed Ministerial Instructions...
  5. ntwkengg

    Post ITA question after 13th draw regarding uploading documents

    Hello all, I have few question post ITA. It will be really helpful if someone can answer to my doubts. Especially someone who already applied. 1) First question is regarding Passport document: Do we have to scan all pages including blank pages in that document? As per CIC they have stated...
  6. ntwkengg

    Anyone here who received their OOPNP acknowledgement (AOR)

    Hi all, Anyone here who already received some acknowledgement or email from OOPNP after their application is submitted. If so please let me know your OOPNP timeline... Thanks.
  7. ntwkengg

    Anyone submitted his/her application for OOPNP?

    Hi, Is there anyone who already completed this process and waiting for their mail confirmation that they have received your application blah blah... Please reply. Thanks
  8. ntwkengg

    Anyone here who already submitted documents for OOPNP ?

    Hello all, Anyone from us who already applied and submitted all docs for OOPNP to their office? thanks. I am planning to submit in couple of days. Network for post submission querries about OOPNP and timelines.
  9. ntwkengg

    Shows FSW criteria met even 0 years foreign experience

    Hi all, I have 1 year Canadian experience and 0 years foreign experience. After recreating profile for OOPNP it shows me criteria met for both CEC and FSW. And for me FSW criteria should be not met but it shows met. So anyone noticed same issue after recreating profile for OOPNP? Also how...
  10. ntwkengg

    Discuss issues regarding application after getting OOPNP letter of Interest

    Hello all, People who already got OOPNP letter of interest and who are thinking to apply please discuss your doubts here. Thanks.
  11. ntwkengg

    NO PT nomination yet for OOPNP

    Hi yesterday I withdrawn my profile and created a new one with new job bank registration. But still no PT nomination email or notification in my cic account. My score is 461, I have ECA evaluation done, also I entered funds $12000 in come to Canada questionnaire and i have shown that i intend...
  12. ntwkengg

    EE profile deleted for OOPNP but some issues

    Hi, I have deleted my EE profile and deactivated my job bank account. But still Ican see one line in my CIC account twhich contains my EE profile number and status as profile withdrawn. Also there is no way to delete job bank account, I can just inactive my profile and can remove my education...
  13. ntwkengg

    Can we go for upfront medical before getting ITA

    Can we go for upfront medical before getting ITA. As there is long wait at most of the clinics.Also they submit medical reports to CIC after 2 weeks. Anyone from here who did his or her medical before getting ITA?
  14. ntwkengg

    Anyone selected this option in Level of Education ?

    Anyone selected this option in Level of Education: Two or more certificates, diplomas, or degrees. Please let me know in what condition we can select this option. As I have 4 year bachelor degree WES evaluated and 1 year Post graduate certificate from Canada so I am getting points for only my...
  15. ntwkengg

    Help regarding level of education selection

    Hi all, I have a doubt. Would be great if anyone can reply to my query. I have bachelors degree of 4 year from back home and 1 year post graduate from canada. So what to mention in education do I have to select two or more degrees or diplomas or certificate with one atleast 3 years or more...