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    Deferred before approval but..

    I have deferred my intake from september 2020 to september 2021 because my program does not offer online classes. Got my visa approved and the validity is until 2022 only. But my program is until 2023 since i deferred already. I have sent webforms but they did not update my length of studies...
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    GIC question

    got rejected because of financial and ties to home country. non sds in first try. will apply online under sds this time. 1. is it a good idea to put 20k cad to GIC rather than 10k cad? 2. does last will and testament from mother saying i will inherit the house in the future help for ties in...
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    can sds be rejected with financial reasons?

    can sds be rejected with financial reasons? can i just upload GIC certificate and 1 year tuition paid for proof of funds SDS? TIES TO HOME COUNTRY. - will and testament from mother help? i have no properties. - my only family in my country is my senior mother and my grandmother. sister is in USA.
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    re applying after a month

    my agent said to wait 6 months after student visa refusal. but i want to re-apply after a month. my agent said that it will not look good to the visa officer if i reapply after a month. she said it is too soon. will have my improved profile in a month so it is not gonna be the same as before...