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    Newbies note, please empty your inboxes

    I get a lot of private messages from people who want my input on their cases. I have no problem replying but in some cases I can't and that is when your inbox is full. Newbies please note that your inbox can not hold many messages. If you want to keep your messages, it would be better to...
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    A new entry - exit check underway

    I just read on yahoo news that they are planning to take up exit checks now, see
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    lakshminarayan418, your inbox is full

    If you are on a regular student visa, you are not allowed to work for the first 6 months except on your campus, that is stocking books in the library or something like that. After 6 months of studying with good academic standing, you may apply for an off campus work permit. According to...
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    mika2, your inbox is full

    How long since you landed? If he still has a chance to complete 2 years in Canada before he reaches 5 years as a PR, he will be ok. Also check your papers to see if your PR's are under the same conditions as his. If they are, you will also be affected but you can appeal under H&C reasons. I...
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    fae, your inbox is full

    But I don't think it is too late to add your husband as a co-signer. Ask the call centre if it can be done.
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    kool_virgo5 - your inbox is full

    About your medicals, ask the clinic to resend them if one of them has gotten lost or if you have copies, send them yourself. Also make sure to keep your inbox empty. If you don't post much, your inbox is very small and holds few messages so if it's full, nobody can reply to you.
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    fae, your inbox is full

    But I don't think it is too late at all to add your husband as a co-signer. They probably have not even opened your application yet. Look over which forms would change if you have a co-signer. It might only be one. Fill that one out again, have your husband sign and then send that in with a...
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    Spousal sponsorship

    So you are in the situation that you want to sponsor your foreign spouse for permanent residency of Canada and don't know where to start. Here are some tips: Married, common law or conjugal partners First you need to pick an application class. There are three of them: married, common-law and...
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    Andre18, your inbox is full

    But here is the answer to your question: To keep your PR, you can stay outside Canada for up to 3 years total in any 5 year period. There is no problem leaving for a few months. When you apply for citizenship, they only look at the last 4 years before you apply. In these 4 years, you need to...
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    I can't send reply to your message because your inbox is full. You will have to talk to your passport office in your country about replacing your lost passport. Then you will have to talk to the Canadian embassy in your country about your lost PR card and apply for a PR travel document there...
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    Employment contract to pay back immigration fees, legal or not?

    My employer has many immigrant skilled workers. They have been coming in on contracts for 1 or 2 years and in the contract, apparently it states that if they leave before their contract ends, they are responsible to pay back the employers cost of their immigration. Now that a couple of guys...
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    Citizenship test

    Hey, I just wanted to share my experience from the test. I had waited for 2 yrs. and 4 months since I got the letter of acknowlegement from my application and finally they called me in to take the test. They gave me about 2 weeks notice to show up and I had to bring my passport, IMM100, PR...
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    Process for open LMO, processing time for new LMO in Alberta

    One of my friends is on a temporary work permit but wants to change employment, he's a cabinetmaker and this is Alberta. He's trying to find out his timeline for this. If he was to find a company that has an open LMO.. one of my sources tells me he will need his name to go on that and this...