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    Medical Passed, Reviewing Eligibility and BVL all on the same day (July SDS)

    Hey guys, could this be a good or bad thing? My medical was updated today (passed although expired) and got BVL at the same time. What I usually see is medical will be updated first then BVL a few days or weeks after. Do you someone who experienced the same thing? I'm so nervous right now!
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    Back to "Your application is in progress." SDS w/ AIP Winter No Update

    Hi everyone, my Review of eligibility status went back from "We are reviewing whether you meet the eligibility requirements" to "Your application is in progress." I don't know when this was changed. I just noticed it today. Did anyone experience the same thing? SDS Complete - July 29 AIP -...
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    Any approval from Edmonton or Ottawa office? SDS

    Do you anyone who got approval from Edmonton or Ottawa office? SDS
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    SDS Passport Requests and Stage 2 Approvals 2020

    Hello, All of the approvals lately were non-SDS. Would like to be updated when CPC Edmonton or Ottawa start sending OPRs or Stage 2 decisions. Please share your timeline here. Thanks!
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    GCMS Notes of Sept 4 AIP sent via Email

    Hi everyone, I received my AIP on September 4th. It was sent directly to my email. The letter has a weird address format (“PA_Address”). Reviewing Eligibility on GCkey started on the same day. No other/new movement after that. SP Applied on July 29 for January 2021 intake SDS - Complete...
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    Equivalent PGWP for 4-term Certificate Program

    I am planning to take a 1yr certificate program in BC. It has 4 terms, it says on their website, "This cohort-based 12-month full-time program is delivered over four three-month terms with a short break after Terms 1, 2 and 3." Will I get 1 year or 3 years post graduation work permit for this...