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    Background Status: Not Applicable Change?

    people who had bgc status as Not Applicable on gc key - did your bgc status suddenly change from NA to "we are processing your bgc..." on gc key yesterday?
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    Inquiry about Stating Address during Landing procedure for Principle Applicant

    If I (sponsor) have moved to a different city in the same province for work, but my permanent address is still the one we used on our application (my parent’s home), is it advisable for the principle applicant to let the officer know that during the landing process. I do not want to change my...
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    Not Applicable BACKGROUND STATUS

    has anyone able to figure out what this NOT APPLICABLE background status even means? I remember few years ago it used to be, "the next step is to conduct a background check" or "we are processing your background check" but this not applicable status is so vague? Anyone can point me in the...
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    Interview related to Background status?- NDVO

    We have seen a pattern with the 2017 New Delhi Visa Office applicants that those who have been called for an interview have had their background status prior to the interview say “Application in Progress” rather than Not Applicable. They have said that their statuses never changed to NA ever. Is...
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    Pending a review by an officer

    I sent an inquiry a month back to New Delhi Visa Office and I just got a reply today. This is what it says: Dear XXX, Please be advised that the application is pending a review by an officer. At this point in time no action is required on your part. Once the review has been completed we will...
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    Because NDVO deals with applications from 4 different countries, does any one know if each country is dealt differently or each country is dealt according to application received/ AOR1 dates? Are applications from different countries given to different officers who deal with that specific...
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    Effect of living in other countries on Background Processing- NDVO

    Just have a question and I wonder if the senior forum members can help me with this. If the PA has previously lived in another country for 9-10 years, does that usually result in a longer background processing time? I know it is case-specific but just generally what is the consensus for New...
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    May 2017 Spouse Outland- NDVO

    Post any updates here if CIC received your application in May and your visa office is New Delhi.
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    Inquiry about Schedule A and Webform

    Can someone guide me? If I am not able to link my account, do I send the schedule a and pcc through webform or mail them? and if mail, do i send in the original police reports? do I upload the schedule a before getting sponsor approval or after? I have already got AOR.
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    Not able to link accounts!!!

    i have tried every single combination after receiving my AOR 3 days back but I am still not able to link my account to my application. I have opened more than one gc key accounts because of the 5 tries per day rule.. do you think it is because of that? anybody help me with this? if I am not able...
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    Regarding 2015 Notice of Assessment

    my application was sent back on May 12 because of a missing document (birth certificate translation). We submitted our application in April with 2015 Notice of Assessment (not the reason for the application to be sent back) and an explanation as to why we could not submit it. Now that we have...