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    Schedule A Background Declaration

    Hi, Can someone please clarify the following query I have about the Schedule A Background Declaration. We need to give Yes / No to the following question in the Schedule A Background Declaration form. 6.d been refused refugees status, an immigrant or permanent resident visa (including a...
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    CIPS Licensure and PR application

    Do we need to keep the CIPS Licensure as valid and active after the SINP nomination? Will IRCC ask the valid Licensure during the application process? Anyone who had a SINP nomination and CIPS Licensure and got PR approval please reply.
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    Apartment price in Saskatoon

    How much is the average price of an apartment in a decent location in Saskatoon?
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    Saskatchewan Teacher's Certificate - International Teacher Education Program

    Anyone has taken Saskatchewan Teacher's Certificate - International Teacher Education Program? If I have already received the WES evaluation do I need to send the transcripts again to SPTRB? Also if my education and experience is in English do I need to submit the ielts test result?
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    Applying for Visitor Visa when PR application is in process

    My spouse and me have valid visitor visa till 2025. But our daughter visa (visitor) expired in 2020. Our PR application is currently in process. I would like to know can I apply visitor visa for my daughter while our PR application is in process?
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    Biometrics collection center - India

    Friends, I recently got the BIL (Biometrics Instruction Letter) and I am a PR applicant (paper based) from India. Kindly tell me if biometrics collection centers are opened in India for the PR applicants? In the letter it is mentioned within 90 days of time I need to provide this. What is the...
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    Canadian Teachers License

    Hi, Can somebody tell what is the process to get the Canadian Teachers License? If I have PR, do I need to submit IELTS result for applying the license? If IELTS is required which mode and band? Please reply.
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    Police clearance certificate from India for PR application

    How do we get Police clearance certificate from India for the PR application? I see mixed response in this forum. Some says PCC from PSK is fine and some says we should apply directly to the police and get it...
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    Proof of funds - Paper based PR application

    Do we need to submit the proof of funds during the Paper based PR application process? I couldn't find any requirements in the IRCC website. But while submitting the paper based application SCHEDULE 4 (imm0008_4e) form we need to declare the amount. Please reply.
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    Provincial Nominee- (Paper Based) waiting AOR and nomination expiring

    Im waiting for AOR and my nomination is expiring this month. Any one is in the similar situation? What if my application is missing or returns and no AOR after waiting for a long time? Will I get a chance to resubmit the application with the expired nomination? Anyone have information about such...
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    Can the dependent child study in another province while on PR?

    Hi, We got nomination through the PNP and our PR application is in progress. I know that there is a rule that we should live in the nominated province for a period of 730 days in five years. Is it applicable to the dependent child also? Me and my spouse will stay in the nominated province but...
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    Police Certificates and Clearness for paper based PR application

    Hi, Should we submit the original copy of the PCC along with the application or the photo copy is enough?
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    Is Credit Card mandatory for paying the fees

    Hi, Is Credit Card mandatory for paying the fees? I don't have a valid credit card now. Can I pay using the VISA/MESTRO debit card?
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    Sending complete paper based application for PR to CIO,Sydney

    Hi, In the nomination letter two address mentioned. Regular Mail and Courier Address. Which address should I send the complete application to CIO,Sydney? This is PNP and paper based application.
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    Extension time to submit Paper based PR application - COVID 19 Issue

    Hi, Once nominated we will get only six months time to submit the paper based PR application to Sydnay,NS. Lock down is going on in almost all the countries because of COVID - 19 issue and there is no flight services available in most of the countries. In this situation many of the documents...
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    Email id of CIO Sydney

    Hi, Anyone know what is the email id of CIO,Sydney? Thanks
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    Birth Certificate - Provincial nominees

    Hi, I recently nominated from SINP under OID category and I need to send the complete application to the Centralized Intake Office. One of the document required is the birth certificate. I don't have a birth certificate. Can I send the secondary school leaving certificate instead of birth...
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    Language requirements – Provincial nominees

    I have recently nominated by SINP under OID category but my IELTS test result expired. While going through the following page I am confused. Do I need to submit fresh IELTS test result along with my complete application package to IRCC...
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    SINP Nominated. But IELTS expired

    Hi, I recently nominated by SINP under OID category. But my IELTS expired one year before. Should I retake the IELTS before submitting the paper based application to IRCC?What if I score less compare to my previous test result at the time of my SINP application? In the nomination approval...
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    SINP LOA request

    I got the below email from SINP Program Integrity. Please provide your employee code and signed LOA for verification of work experience. As per request of your employer. What is LOA? Whom should I send this? To SINP or to my employer? Is there any format for LOA?