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    Issues in parent's passports, Need urgent help!!

    Hi, I need urgent help regarding my parent's online visitor visa application. My father's name is different in his passport and has a typo in my passport under 'father's name' field. It would take at least a month to issue a new passport for me and then another month to process visitor visa...
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    Visitor visa for my parents

    Thankyou for replying
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    Visitor visa for my parents

    Hi All, I am a Canadian PR since 2018 and I am planning to invite my parents to Canada for a duration of 2-3 months. I just have a small doubt regarding the application process. My parents own a business in India and both are the listed directors in the company. Should I create 2 separate...
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    August AOR 2017

    Hello Andy, Please add me to the whatsapp group. Thanks.
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    Thank you >>>>>>>>> Legalfalcon <<<<<<<<<<<

    Hi @legalfalcon, For proof of funds we are showing our joint account where my husband is prime and I am secondary along with his company's Provident fund. What kind of letter do I need here, keeping in mind I am the prime applicant and he is secondary. Will a self declaration letter on a normal...
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    Thank you >>>>>>>>> Legalfalcon <<<<<<<<<<<

    Thank you mate. That was indeed very helpful.
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    Thank you >>>>>>>>> Legalfalcon <<<<<<<<<<<

    Hi @legalfalcon. I have a couple of doubts and hope you can help me. 1) we applied for my husband's PCC and got it in a week. Later we realised that his passport will expire in mid 2018 so we applied for renewal and will submit only after New passport will arrive. Do we need to get a fresh PCC...
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    cancelled passport query

    Hey, we are in a similar situation. Can you clarify few things. My husbands passport is going to expire and we are applying for a new one. Do we have to include scan of old passports? If yes, then where? In passport section along with the new one. Secondly about the travel history. He is a...
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    Ray of Hope 67th Draw

    All the very best for us..the future canadians :cool:
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    Ray of Hope 67th Draw

    I have contacted several websites like cn-visa, beijingsec (, (, visainchina (, So I will provide mail conversations in my LOE. I am also going to contact chinese embassy. Hope that will help.
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    Ray of Hope 67th Draw

    Thank you..i was going to quote this one along with other correspondence . Thank a lot for your guidance. :)
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    Ray of Hope 67th Draw

    congratulations mate :) seems like i have to go without one. Fingers crossed.
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    Ray of Hope 67th Draw

    Thank you pessa for the positive words. Just what I needed the most now :) Good luck to you too..hope we all sail through coming Wednesday :)
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    Ray of Hope 67th Draw

    Thank you Pessa and Gavin for replying. Actually, we are ready to pay anything just to get this document. His visit was approx 8 months in Xiamen,China that too on Business visa, type D. We contacted a couple of online websites in this regard and they declined as soon as they hear it's Xiamen...
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    Ray of Hope 67th Draw

    Hello people, need some advice. Is it ok to skip uploading transcripts in education section? Or Is it a mandatory document. Secondly, we tried but couldn't get a PCC for my husband for his China trip. We have decided to attach a LOE in this regard. We are very much hoping to get an ITA in the...
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    Got PPR. Lessons learnt for all of you.

    Congratulations! The post was indeed helpful. Just a question though. Did you attach transcripts in education section? Is it a mandatory document?
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    Police clearance china - F Type

    Hello! I just came across your post regarding pcc from china. Actually, we are stuck in a similar situation. I tried contacting few agencies but of no use. I would really appreciated if you can help me out here. Did you get your PCC finally? Or was it waived off? Thanks in advance.
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    Question about getting China PCC after receiving ITA

    Hello, Can you please update wheather you got your PCC or not? We are stuck in a similar situation and we would really appreciate your help here. Thanks.
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    I cant get my police clearance from china ...pleasssse hellp me

    My husband is in a similar situation. He went to xiamen china on a business visa. We don't know how to get his pcc. We asked some of his friends in China but they are unable to help.