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  1. Breeze00

    Supply chain management immigrants

    Supply chain management immigrants that have landed or intend to land in 2019, please start a conv with me and Let's share info.
  2. Breeze00

    2 ghost updates without PPR

    Hi everyone, Did anyone get a ghost update twice after IP2 still has not received PPR??
  3. Breeze00

    AOR in May, please share your experience

    Hello, I got my AOR in May and I have been stock in IP1 since June 9 after medicat report. Got a mail on 18th of June about job search. Please share your experience so far
  4. Breeze00

    i need help on my permanent residence application please

    i was going over my application and i realise that i answered a question wrongly. i aswered NO for ther part where they asked if i have ever been refused a visa or permit, denied entry or ordered to leave Canada or any other country? but i have been denied visiting visa to US before. i have...