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  1. umer_razzaq90

    Difference between IMM5707E and IMM5645

    Any news? Got approved with 5707 or you were asked to submit correct 5645?
  2. umer_razzaq90

    Difference between IMM5707E and IMM5645

    Thanks for sorting out family info forms riddle ! . from one account, created with the name of father, we can submit mother's application as well? I believe it will require two application forms as well as two family information forms filled separately by each applicant. Right?
  3. umer_razzaq90

    Visitor Visa for parents

    Just to clarify the procedure for parents: An account has been created for my father and will be submitting visitor visa application online. Now my mother will also be within same application. How can we do that? I understand, that we need to fill "family information form" separately for father...
  4. umer_razzaq90

    PCC - Validity 6 months

    Yes it was accepted. All the best,
  5. umer_razzaq90

    Proof of Relationship - UNCLE Canadian Citizen

    I said "NO" while filling application .and then wrote an LOE and mentioned that i am not claiming any CRS or FSW MEC points with the fact that i can not arrange all the documents. Currently my application is in Process. However, no ADR has been asked to-date. All the best,
  6. umer_razzaq90

    understanding GCMS notes

    Sorry what I meant was SS. As for me I am in 4th month after Jan /19 (when everything including eligibility was passed). So, is it correct on avg 6 months for SS?
  7. umer_razzaq90

    understanding GCMS notes

    Thanks for the note above @Immigration_guru. Yes, Eligibility is passed as of End Jan /19. Usually the Sec takes 6 month son average from the point Eligibility is reviewed/passed. Is that correct?
  8. umer_razzaq90

    understanding GCMS notes

    Hi, AOR -Oct 06/18 - FSW In 6th page shows no value against Sec with s.21 on the same page. Is I am in SS? Except Sec everything else is tagged as "Passed" since Feb, 2019.
  9. umer_razzaq90

    The anatomy of a Background Check? - <<<<<<IN-DEPTH ANALYSIS>>>>>>>

    Same questions - AOR = Oct 06. FSW-Inland. Please let me know, once you receive reply. Tnx & best wises
  10. umer_razzaq90

    Discussion groups for Pre-ITA, post-ITA, PPR & Landing, Ontario on Telegram

    Hi Legalfalcon, I am Post-ITA. AOR 0ct 06, 2018 - FSW Inland. Please send me the link to add to your Telegram group. My 6 months are elapsed and I have something to ask about s.21 mentioned on my notes. Thanks.
  11. umer_razzaq90

    TRV (From inside Canada)

    I never tried IVR. Spoke once directly with agent on call and was told that they are going to send message to visa officer. And then no update to date. I sent an email after that and they noted in their reply that they have already forwarded the msg to VO as per my call earlier. So, all i can is...
  12. umer_razzaq90

    TRV (From inside Canada)

    Nothing. Waiting for some update to happen, anxiously. Keep posting. Thanks
  13. umer_razzaq90

    TRV (From inside Canada)

    Yeah: Did you any clue to withdraw it and re-apply? Any + or - of doing that?
  14. umer_razzaq90

    TRV (From inside Canada)

    That's frustrating. It's been over 6 weeks for me and status is dead. No result of CSE or Call. Always get a standard reply. Let me know, if you find a reason to withdraw and re-apply. Thanks & Good Luck.
  15. umer_razzaq90

    TRV (From inside Canada)

    No. It says NA. It might be that they are not started as of now ?
  16. umer_razzaq90

    TRV (From inside Canada)

    Moiz: any Update? No update from my side. I did fill out 5257 & Schedule 1 (optional) form as well. I have travel history in between my stay in Canada. May be that would have triggered the Background checks etc.
  17. umer_razzaq90

    TRV From Inside Canada

    Moiz, Any update to your application? I am on PGWP. Applied TRV (form 5257) on Oct 29. Still waiting.
  18. umer_razzaq90

    TRV (From inside Canada)

    Hi, I am in same boat. Applied on October 29. (PGWP Valid = July 2021). I Called CIC, agent said that she sent a note to visa officer as processing time is already passed. No reply. Then last week i sent a CSE and got the reply that as per your call a note has been already sent to visa office on...
  19. umer_razzaq90

    TRV From Inside Canada - Normal Processing Time Has Passed

    Hi, A useful Thread, Thanks for keeping it alive. - I have filled 5257e Form as well as 5257-Schedule 1 form. What to write at the place where it asks for "Name, Address and relationship to any person or institution you will visit". I am already in Canada and working on PGWP. - Moreover, i will...