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    Is BC so bad to work & live

    Hi Tina, Among other places in Surrey ,Guildford is an affordable and safe place to live with many immigrants specially if you live near the shopping malls. Just Google on job sites such as indeed,Craigslist, you`ll have an idea of jobs in demand.Your friends and family will surely help you...
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    Is BC so bad to work & live

    weather wise BC has the best climate!Do not take everything for granted!Come to BC and experience it.There are so many jobs here!I live in Surrey and feel at home here.You need to be patient and that's all.First take a survival job,settle with your family and after some time you will find...
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    going to toronto on 21st oct!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lets connect

    Hello Montu, check with http// 10 mins drive from Pearson airport.u can email the property manager They offer full settlement service and free airport pick up. Good luck !
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    What province should I choose Alberta,Ontario or Quebec?

    Montreal is very cosmopolitan and bilingual,but french is mostly spoken.some nice places to live if you can afford are Atwater,Sherbrooke,ville St laurent/Cote vertu, etc.Just Google on Kijiji/montreal for housing and emploi Quebec for jobs available, you can have an idea.You freeze in Winter &...
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    Short term rental in Vancouver

    Thank you !
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    Short term rental in Vancouver

    Thanks a lot steaky! How is life in metro town,Burnaby? Is it an affordable place for a newcomer to settle down?
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    Short term rental in Vancouver

    Hi Steaky & seniors I will relocate to Vancouver (N/Westminster/Delta/Burnaby)in November with my family of 4.I need a 2 bedroom apartment or condo whichever is cheaper, close to sky train & other amenities.Your help is much appreciated.Thanks!
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    Minimum Lease Terms for Apartments?

    Make no mistake!Once you signed a contract,you will have to abide to it!If you are willing to depart you may subcontract but still you will be responsible unless you came to an agreement with your landlord and you will pay for the cleaning or any repairs etc.
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    Which mobile company to be used by newly landed immigrants?

    Hi ,please contact Sir Qorax VVIP Member Cheapest Home-Phone with FREE International Calling >>> Tested & Recommended >>> Guys, How about having a $30/month Home-Phone And get FREE International Calling* ? *You get to call Sixty Two (62) countries... List below. BESIDES: - It is all...
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    What province should I choose Alberta,Ontario or Quebec?

    Hi I would like to settle in BC with my wife and two kids ,but I want to know where is the ideal place to settle for a newcomer,i.e affordable rent close to all amenities,school,transportation.I`m thinking of Burnaby or Surrey(Vancouver seems expensive)?Your advice/help will be much...
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    Is a family of 3 allowed to rent a 1-Bedroom Apartment in Ontario?

    Hi there.Anyone from BC who rent in Burnaby/Surrey area.I will move thereat in November with family of 4.I need a 2 bedrooms apartment/condo with affordable rent.I need a place near school,grocery,transportation etc plz.Thanks
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    Toronto Neighborhoods - WHERE DO I GO ?

    We are very grateful to you qorax. You are doing a great job, GUIDING the newcomers.I appreciate. KEEP IT UP!
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    Finding a Job in Canada - Experiences

    Hello Blue boy, Thanks for sharing!....very informative and i`m sure will help a lot. Well done keep it up!
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    Got landed on my dreamland

    Congratulations and welcome to your new home buddy!!!!!!!!!!
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    Happy ``CANADA DAY`` to YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD BLESS YOU!