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    Ray of Hope - 161st Draw - CEC

    With consistent CEC only draws happening , you should be able to get it before year end I think.
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    Declining ITA 2nd time

    Not sure, what is your worry but you have two months to submit your docs post ITA
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    EE - No First Name

    Hello all, My friend has received his ITA part of CEC, his passport has no first name , he was able to submit the profile with no first name. However when adding his son , it is asking for father's first name and not allowing to submit without it. Any one faced such issue and how was it resolved...
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    Flagpoling by Megabus. Wat is the best way to do it?

    Why don't you request an appointment in etobicoke office and complete landing ?
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    Job offer under CEC

    When you say your Job Offer ends on Dec 2020, I assume it is your assignment/deputation end by Dec 2020. You can speak to your manager to see if your assignment/deputation can be extended till your WP end date and Go over below thread for more info...
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    Job offer

    Hello, You can refer link from CIC to understand if you are eligible
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    Received PPR, but not showing any update on the application

    If you are already in Work Permit and have applied it using another email, check that email also,
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    PPR Question About Not Write Address on Return Envelope

    This is fine, they will strike it out and paste a sticker over it.
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    PR Interview question!! Urgent

    I got my appointment in two weeks.
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    Job offer points missing

    You need One year Canadian Exp with ICT sponsor to claim ICT job offer.
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    How to manage the jacket when taking the flight?

    Wear your jacket when boarding the flight and remove it once boarded, you can do the same during transit.
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    Ray of Hope - 131st Draw

    Just unreal - 14,180 profiles between 451-600..
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    Scam or fruad

    Fake and avoid sharing Passport number, phone number in public forum
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    Job offer for Intra Company Transfer

    It Varies from case to case, that is why claiming job offer in ICT without proper documents is not recommended, few my colleagues have got our PR approved with job offer points, all of them had WP valid for more than 1 years 6 months at least and were able to produce strong documents to show...
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    Job offer points

    While in Open Work Permit, you will need an approved LIMA to claim job offer points.
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    Job offer for Intra Company Transfer

    As rohomecupo mentioned, it varies from case to case, since you have support letter with clear dates (date till your Canada assignment is valid) your case might go through. However there is always a chance for rejection also. Did you claim Job offer before completing one year in Canada?
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    Job offer for Intra Company Transfer

    The fact that your WP ends in August 2020 creates a problem for you to claim 50 for Job offer points using ICT. There is no way for you to prove you will have work for 1 year after getting PR.
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    Job offer point for Dependent open work permit candidate

    You can’t claim Job offer in open work permit without LIMA
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    Multiple Express Entry applications

    No you don't , you create one EE profile with NOC closest to your job duties
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    Has XY been working full time for the employer on their current work permit for at least 1 year?

    No you won’t gain 50 points before completing one year in canada