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    Helping a friend for humanitarian and compassionate letter

    So we have a family friend who is applying for humanitarian. I am willing to support him with letters stating reasons why he should be granted permanent residency. My question is...would cic or ircc (or whoever governing body) be investigating me for knowing that he doesnt have any status...
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    Things to be photocopied before flight

    Finally, my application was accepted and my visa has been released as well, thank God! We will be having our flight this coming week. To those who have already been in this situation, please give me some idea or list of some important documents needed to be photocopied and presented to the...
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    After PR Approval, what is next?

    Thats why im asking here because my consultant is just feeding me limited information. Maybe he is busy with other applicants and also think that i am too excited. So please if you have an idea (im saying it, again and again), kindly reply. If you dont have anything else to say relevant or may...
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    After PR Approval, what is next?

    He just congratulated us. Because i applied through consultancy (and maybe my consultant informed our employer about our PR Approval) and fyi cic emailed us already for the visa stamping. So please answer my question if you guys have an idea. AND DONT GET CONFUSED. Thanks.
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    After PR Approval, what is next?

    My employer emailed me today about my PR Approval. Thank God! Moving on, what will be the next step im dealing with? (Single with common law) is there any possibility that the approval might be denied? How long will it take for the release of Visa? Please share your ideas. It would be a great...
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    Trump winning the US Elections

    Do you guys think this may intensely affect immigrants and aspiring immigrants of America to move to Canada?
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    After ITA acceptance and currently waiting for Visa

    I already submitted the needed requirements, meaning im done with the 2months you are talking about. Can you please share me the link? I cant locate it. :( thanks.
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    For PINOY: About Express Entry Application. Share your idea!

    Hello! Any one here na mag jowa o maglive-in parters (na hindi kasal) na nagapply din po under EE? Like si lalaki yung primary applicant, tapos si girl yung spouse or common law na dependent... How was your application? :)
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    After ITA acceptance and currently waiting for Visa

    I know that the checking and assessing of documents for EE for PR is within 6 months. Are there any possibilities that THAT SIX MONTHS would extend, like if the immigration needs additional requirements? Please enlighten me. Thanks guys!
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    How do we check our Application fof Permanent Residency status in Cic?

    I tried to check it using my application number , something like this - E123456789 (not my real application number, but for an idea). btw, I applied and submitted my requirements by immigration consultancy. Help appreciated.
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    CIC is not your recipient - WES

    I know this topic is not that active anymore, but is there anyone here who availed the icap? Is it really required?
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    CIC is not your recipient - WES

    Anyone from you guys encountered such event? Dear Applicant, CIC has informed WES that they cannot verify your ECA report. This is due to the incorrect application choice as the WES FSWP customized application was not selected. In order for Citizenship and Immigration Canada to process...
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    Help on proof of relationship common law

    My boyfriend of 3years was the principal applicant, and i am his common law. We both live in my bf's parent's house. My bf already have received his ITA. Our problem is, aside from joint bank accounts, what are other ways we can prove our relationship that is really 3years old and counting? The...
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    Who can FST applicant sponsor in EE application?

    Aside from spouse or common law, can a main applicant sponsor his/her parents? Or can he/she sponsor both his/her parents and spouse? Please answer. Thanks guys!
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    Medical Exam Inquiry (for Pinoys)

    Very handy ang sagot mo bgc. One more question pleeeease... what time ang ideal time pumunta dun? Thaaaank youuuuu!
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    Medical Exam Inquiry (for Pinoys)

    Wow. Thank you bgc. Tanong ko lang din ulit.. nagkafollowup ba kayo nun?
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    Medical Exam Inquiry (for Pinoys)

    As of now, iom and st lukes bgc pinagpipilian ko. Iom is good for appointment, pero parang marami syang negative feedbacks e. Kesyo wala naman sakit ang applicant tapos yung results nya may sakit cya or yung iba daw nadedeny visa nila. St lukesm ok cya kaya lang yung crowd talaga ang problem...
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    Express Entry LMIA

    In short, only an employer in Canada can give you an employment contract and only the employer can provide you lmia. You may try applying in jobbank and find a job that is related to your experience.
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    EE - ITA already release but (spousal sponsor problem)

    Hello guys.. This bothers and worries me. My fiance and I both have applications/already have lmia from an employer (both application by Express Entry). My fiance will be supporting me by being his sponsor - meaning I will not have my own profile or have separate EE application. Wouldnt that...
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    Medical Exam Inquiry (for Pinoys)

    Pano ba malalaman if may scar sa lungs? Simple xray ba will do? May healthcard kasi ako dito, i can have check up sa radiologist before magmedical sa st lukes (to make sure na wala makita) haha. And by the way, applicable ya yung medical exam sa mga may health care provider?