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    Having read with interest some of the post concerning life and getting jobs in Canada, I will interject as follows as a new immigrant here myself having moved here last year from Europe. There are many posts that tell you about survival jobs and getting your resume's right. The reality is that...
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    received medical request of canada PRand US DV lottery 2014 first letter

    In my opinion, I would choose the US Visa lottery as there are many more opportunities over there than here in Canada. Obviously, where you choose will be up to you and what it is you are wanting for you and your family. Canada in my opinion, is not all it is cracked up to be. Many skilled...
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    Is it worthy ?

    Just as some of the members said, it will be difficult initially and whilst there is no guarantee for some that they would attain the same level they left behind or surpass it, individuals would measure their own success based upon the reasons that brought them here in the first place. As for...
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    Job Oppertunity .... Those Who are in Canada

    There are lots of jobs it is just that here in Canada, they do not take new immigrants that easily except for mostly low level jobs (initially) but then depends on the individuals, some tend to stay in these low level jobs whilst others are able to push on to find better roles.
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    Withdrawal of application

    Before withdrawing, ask yourself the reasons why you wanted to come to Canada in the first place. What Marcus has said is very true but this does not mean it would continue forever. In my opinion, it should be a lesson not to expect too much too quickly and to be aware of all these pit-falls but...
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    For those jumping down Marcus' throat, he is only voicing his opinion. I believe many people on this forum prefer for the grass to be greener on the other side but reality isn't always so unfortunately!! I understand his frustration as in Canada, your skills and qualifications are not recognised...
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    PR Card address

    You do not need to use c/o. I used my cousin's address for ours without using c/o. Arrived ok
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    Federal Skilled Worker Class Action Lawsuit

    Good luck to those individuals pursuing this although one wonders what the result might be seeing that the Canadian Govt was intending on returning monies paid. As for those wanting to pay money for the class action suit, paying by Western Union is never a good idea as anyone can claim the...
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    PR Cards???!!!

    I believe the waiting time has increased to about 60days. It keeps increasing and would not worry as your friend should get it in the next week or two. Good luck
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    URGENT!!! RPRF fee issue, Seniors please help!!!

    If your bank cannot do this which I find strange, then use a different bank although may be slightly costlier.
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    Landing and PR card

    Unfortunately, you cannot complete your landing in Montreal. Quebec is the only province you cannot land to complete your immigration and would need to come to Ontario or any other province to complete the formalities. As for staying for two weeks and then coming back after a year, I do not know...
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    PR card information

    It is possible for someone who came on 16th to have received their PR card before someone who landed on the 12th as someone who landed without an address for the PR card to be sent would then need to establish an address before being able to sort the PR Card out. It is currently taking 53...
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    Pls advice

    Owing the Council is not a criminal offence and should not even be on your Police Certificate. When the Council is owed, it usually takes them a while to chase outstanding debts usually, through debt collectors and if this does not work then they take you to the magistrates court which you can...
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    landing funds needed 11000 can i take 7500 only...

    If it is any consolation, I landed with my daughter in May and had only $8000 on me cash with about £200 cash as I did not have time to cash more than that. I however, had my title deed for my house in London etc but to be honest, no one queried the amount and this was only recorded by the...
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    Consent letter for minors to enter POE

    I came with my daughter in May and had no problem. I was the Principal applicant also.
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    today got reply from CHC - sept 2007 case-explain this please

    Grouped with other files in the same period is in the year of original application i.e. 2007.
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    Ontario Health Card : Please help

    You cannot apply until after the 90days waiting period. I landed in Ontario and went to the City Hall here in Ottawa and was told I could not apply until after my 90days was up from date of landing and she gave me a form to complete for when I returned which included providing them with copy of...
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    Family member landing before Primary Applicant

    I do not understand why some of you like to push or seek for things that are not there. The rule clearly states that on occasions, there are family members who have tried landing before the principal applicant however, this is not allowed unless it can be proven that the principal applicant was...
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    New Passport

    Well, I was in the same situation although with the London VO earlier this year. My old passport had expired soon after my medicals so I sent an email notifying my VO explaining the situation and then I applied for my new passport and did not do anything until my new passport arrived which was...