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    Query for renew of PCC of India after revist!

    Yes, it can be a problem if you visited the country after getting the PCC. You can apply for PCC once you get your ITA. You can apply it from Indian embassy from USA. I'm not sure why you want to get PCC before 6-8 months ahead?
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    Reference letter / help please !!

    No, IMO only reference letter is enough, if it follows the official guidelines. But they might request for additional documents, which depends on case to case basis. By tax slips I meant tax returns, I'm not sure why your country wouldn't have tax returns? Have you ever filed income tax? You can...
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    Reference letter / help please !!

    No, I don't think they will ask for health insurance. Reference letter is mandatory, they *might* ask for pay stubs and tax slips.
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    Reference letter / help please !!

    As per the official documentation, the reference letter should be enough. Refer to the section "Proof of work experience" in the below link for details to be filled in the reference letter. You will be asked if they need additional documents, at the time of uploading your documents in your...
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    Sibling Points

    oh ok. I guess this falls under the "proof of relationship" document which you need to upload. I just uploaded the copies of our passports, but I guess you can upload the passport/birth certificates + the notarized document. Extra documents wouldn't harm as you anyway have to upload the actual...
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    Sibling Points

    You can check the official requirements from your profile, where you upload your documents or from here...
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    Sibling proof additional document

    I don't think you can claim points in such case. CIC will ask for residency proof, so she has to be currently residing in Canada for you to claim points.
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    Verification of work history in PR visa.

    yeah, if they have any queries they might contact the employer directly. But I doubt if you will ever get the answer for "when will CIC have queries?". You don't need to worry if you submit all the documents diligently as per the requirements.
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    How to submit webform for TRV?

    Thanks everyone. As per some random suggestion on another thread on this site, she mailed her application details along with the PR card do Delhi Visa office, in the hopes of them accepting it. But I haven't heard back from them apart from the automated response. In the mean time, got passport...
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    How to submit webform for TRV?

    Hi, My mother applied for a TRV from India. She forgot to attach my PR card with the letter of invitation. I am so stressed out as they might reject her visa because of missing documents. She want to upload my PR card though the web form, but it requires visa office. How to find out which visa...
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    Address History

    Your condo address should be enough I guess. CIC doesn't ask for any proofs for current address AFAIK, so it should be ok if all the documentation pertains to your childhood home.
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    Medical exam before ITA

    Medicals have a validity of 12 months. If you don't land in Canada before they expire, you need to get them re-done. Even if you get ITA in 2 months, and submit your application, the processing could take 6 months. I would strongly suggest to book an appointment and go for your medicals after...
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    My Chances of Getting PR

    PNP is a long/complicated process. Give you are under 30, I would suggest you to try that route after you maximize your IELTS score and are still unable to get ITA. Or you can try in parallel. FYI, your reading score is ok. Listening should be 8, Writing/Speaking should be 7.
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    Self-employed Proof

    Which NOC does this fall under? Are you claiming points for this business experience? If you are not claiming points, you can mention this experience under "Personal History" and there is no need to provide any documentation. If this is eligible for points and if you are trying to claim, then...
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    Experience letter query?

    CIC clearly states, unpaid work doesn't count.
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    Waiting on PR Card

    You can try calling on 1-888-242-2100 but be prepared to wait for 30 minutes. Call them during 8-5 (Ontario Time). They should be able to let you know the status.
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    Every University has their own requirements, and I think they specifically state "Language Requirements" in their admission pages. You need to visit their websites to get to know more about their admission process and requirements. AFAIK, most universities will ask for "Academic IELTS" results...
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    what is the first step?

    Refer to the sticky threads on this page.
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    Proving relationship for sibling points

    AFAIK, one and same person affidavit should be enough for name discrepancies, but don't quote me on this. You can search this forum for similar cases. Someone might have faced similar issue.
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    Proving relationship for sibling points

    If both of your passports have same parent names, that should be enough. I submitted passports as proof of sibling and got my PR without any problem.