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    January 2020 on wards Paper Based PR Applicants waiting for AOR/MR/PPR connect here.

    PR got approved this week, share timeline here: OINP inland AR May 2019 AOR Jun 14 2019 MR Oct 2019 MP, PAL Nov 2019 GU Oct 21 2020 CoPR Oct 22 2020
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    PNP PR PAPER-BASED - April May June July 2019 Applicant —— Let’s share timeline and contact here!!!

    My AOR and PAL dates are the same as yours, haven't heard from them since MP either ...
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    TRV From Inside Canada - Normal Processing Time Has Passed

    I'm on the same boat as you. I applied online and got confirmation on June 2nd, and no update since then. I've called/emailed them twice as well, the response was pretty general, just said it's still under process. I guess prob they are doing the background check, but no idea how long it would...