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  1. mbaleine

    RCMP fingerprints timelines

    Not applying for citizenship atm but have been following this thread because I also recently did the RCMP check. Did fingerprints on Mar 17. They must have mailed the result (from Ottawa?) to Victoria BC before Mar 30 because my name change requiring the check was finalized on Mar 30, meaning...
  2. mbaleine

    PR Card shipping from Canada to US

    Illegal how? What law says it's illegal? IRCC refusing to send PR card to addresses outside Canada doesn't equate it being illegal to send PR card outside Canada oneself. If IRCC can send a passport issued by a foreign country with a Canadian PR visa sticker in it across international borders...
  3. mbaleine

    applying for citizenship online?
  4. mbaleine

    Airbnb - Quarantine - US to Canada - By Road

    OP is traveling by road, not air. I did this from Seattle to Vancouver last summer and both CBSA and the BC provincial health folks were happy with my AirBnB arrangement. Do plan ahead for groceries etc though (not that they’d ask, but for yourself)
  5. mbaleine

    Will obtain new citizenship prior to PR

    Normally, the COPR (confirmation of permanent residence) is a piece of paper. It seems that since the pandemic started IRCC has been giving out COPR electronically (please double check on that as I'm not sure). In normal times they would likely need to print a COPR indicating her US citizenship...
  6. mbaleine

    Will obtain new citizenship prior to PR

    US citizens do not need a PR visa stamp to do landing — just the COPR would do. Contact IRCC and they would need to update the info in COPR — that’s probably it; my guess, of course.
  7. mbaleine

    Email from cic that progress bar has been removed because of processing time.

    That progress bar never really meant anything even before the pandemic anyways.
  8. mbaleine

    Singapore Police COC (from overseas -Timeframe) [Jan 2019]

    You don't have to have a Sing Pass to apply. Under "Appeal by non-Singapore Citizens to Apply for Certificate of Clearance", there's an option to "Log in via FIN. Just use your FIN. In case you're gonna say you don't have your student pass any more and hence don't know your FIN, you need to find...
  9. mbaleine

    Fingerprint Requests: Who Receives It?

    Just because there are data sharing agreements in place doesn’t mean IRCC will automatically have your fingerprints. Take a close look at those agreements. The one between Canada and the US can be googled online. There are very strict definitions and narrow scope applied to what data can be...
  10. mbaleine

    Name change during or after citizenship

    the name on your passport application has to be the same as that on your citizenship certificate, meaning you must change legal name, change name on citizenship certificate, and then apply for passport with new name
  11. mbaleine

    Question Regarding Vehicle Importation/US Export

    Not only is it not possible to export a car from the US via CBP while the car is physically in Canada, you must in fact physically bring the car into the US, let it be in the US for at least 72 hours, before the CBP would allow you to export it. With Canada and the US being separate countries...
  12. mbaleine

    [DECEMBER] Online Citizenship Applicants

    This is awesome!!! And it actually makes total sense -- the minister said himself that Canada is fully behind the idea of making the entire immigration process "virtual and touchless" (his words).
  13. mbaleine

    Singapore Police COC (from overseas -Timeframe) [Jan 2019]

    Glad it was helpful. It took a while for them to process the fingerprints. Then the status changed to approved and I got an email after some lag saying application was approved.
  14. mbaleine

    Ontario - Health Insurance for first 3 months

    waived due to covid. look it up.
  15. mbaleine

    state level police certificate from Illinois

    Looks like zip code is not required (no *) and you also can’t put a Canadian province since State just says “Non-US”. I’d suggest trying putting down City, Province, and postal code in the blank for City. Hopefully that works (if the system complains, try removing comma between city and province).
  16. mbaleine

    [DECEMBER] Online Citizenship Applicants

    It's not unreasonable to be suspicious given the AWS connection. However, AWS does appear to be doing business with the Canadian government to provide cloud solutions: Also, AWS has servers/data centres all over the globe; so the Canadian...
  17. mbaleine

    [DECEMBER] Online Citizenship Applicants

  18. mbaleine

    CBSA stamp wrong date

    It's really annoying that they do this sort of thing -- I had a similar encounter whereby the date of vehicle import, June xth, was stamped as May xth -- a difference of an entire month!
  19. mbaleine

    Transfer of citizenship application from BC to Quebec

    Still? In this day and age? Unbelievable. Digitize the whole goddamn system already.