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    Applicant from Accra Visa Office Connect Here

    My file was transferred from Ottawa to AVO, medical n biometric already done and completed in September b4 my file changed. Please wat might be the reason and how long will it take for AVO ?
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    ****AOR SEPTEMBER 2019 Tracking and discussions - join here***** ||||

    ITA 20/08/2019 AOR 07/09/2019 Please add me to group
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    >>>>>>>SEPTEMBER 2019 AOR<<<<<<< Join here

    ITA August 20th AOR September 7th Please add me to sept group
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    >>>>>>>>AUGUST 2019 AOR<<<<<<<-----Join here

    Got ITA August 20th, please add me to group
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    >>>>>>>SEPTEMBER 2019 AOR<<<<<<< Join here

    Got ITA August 20th, am yet to submit my application. 1. Please, do I have to download all the statement of account? 2. My husband is the primary applicant and the POF is in my account, what document do I need to proof that he has access to the money ? 3. Do I also need to submit my work...