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  1. ehsmith

    Can I still work part-time with a valid study permit after applying for my pgwp?

    And just to add to this, you can only work full-time after applying for the PGWP if : a) your study permit states that you are able to work off-campus b) your study permit is valid on the date you apply for the PGWP (apply within 90 days of course completion) I'm having all sorts of problems...
  2. ehsmith

    Finished course under implied status - applying for PGWP

    Hello all, I finished my master's course on August 19 while waiting for my study permit extension to be processed. My understanding was that, if issued a new permit, it would be valid only until 90 days after the completion of my course, regardless of the date printed on the permit. I got...
  3. ehsmith

    Post Graduate Work Permit Processing Time (PGWP)

    Yep, all of my applications dating back to 2017 are now showing "Application/profile updated", except for one, and clicking the link to "Check full application status" crashes the page. Pretty much right on-par for IRCC :)