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  1. LokiJr01

    Share your WES timelines for 2017

    I guess it's just a bit concerning that they are taking too long. A year ago, when I had my education assessed in WES, the entire process (submission of docs, evaluation, and shipping of the results) took barely a month
  2. LokiJr01


    Going for the PNP route means you are morally obliged to live in that particular province for a few years - that might be restrictive for you. If you accept ITA without any PNP, then you are free to go to any province. I think your choice should revolve around those considerations. If points...
  3. LokiJr01

    Declining ITA and creating new EE profile

    If you change anything to your current profile, will it cause a decline to your CRS such that you will no longer meet the cut off scores? If your answer is 'yes', then you should decline the ITA and create a new profile. If the change will not affect your CRS and you still make the cut off...
  4. LokiJr01

    Provinces that are Open for PNP

    It's in the news last week that the Atlantic Provinces have boosted their immigration programs, so watch out for New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward for any openings soon :)
  5. LokiJr01

    Share your WES timelines for 2017

    Hi guys, a friend of mine sent his documents to WES last December, but until now, the evaluation has not even started. Is this their normal turnaround time nowadays?
  6. LokiJr01

    Post COPR groups?

    There are certain whatsapp group for applicants who've reached that stage. The whatsapp thread should be a good place to start.
  7. LokiJr01

    For PINOY: About Express Entry Application. Share your idea!

    Work visa po at Immigrant visa...Yung travel visa alam ko di ka papayagan magtrabaho kasi ang purpose dapat ng lipad mo e bakasyon.
  8. LokiJr01

    Statutory Questionnaire

    If you provided LOE on the questions you answered Yes to, and CIC deems that you should have answered No to it, they will notify you and correct you. It's not gonna screw your application hehe.
  9. LokiJr01

    Should i decline ITA ?

    I see, lucky you ;) Since that extra 600 points will be valid until your nomination expires, then feel free to decline the ITA for now and work on updating your profile (and the corresponding documents). That way, when you are ready, you can just accept the next coming ITA.
  10. LokiJr01

    After Getting ITA, and AOR, how long it takes for status change

    This is completely normal. Once you receive AOR, the next update change will vary depending on when your case will be touched by the centralized intake office. In my case, I got my medical passed just a day after AOR, but took an additional three months to get another update.
  11. LokiJr01

    Proof of FUNDS.. Will PARENTs Bank A/c work???

    I don't think CIC will go through the process of screening even your parent's account for the POF requirement, so the affidavit of gift deed should suffice.
  12. LokiJr01

    It seems impossible to get ITA without having Provincial Nomination?

    Best of luck to your application :) Just as what others suggested already, it would be to your best interest to re-take IELTS and aim for a better overall score. That will help your CRS a lot.
  13. LokiJr01

    Statutory Questionnaire

    You need to be truthful in those statutory declarations otherwise they will come and bite you later on. With that said, just provide any supporting document / letter of explanation if you said yes to any of the said questions and you should be fine :)
  14. LokiJr01

    AOR in September 2016 >>>>> Good Luck ALL

    By the time your passport expires on year 2019, you should have gotten a PR Card already since you've landed in Canada by then. The stamp in your passport has an expiry date after all. To renew your passport, you'll just need to head to your embassy there in Canada.
  15. LokiJr01

    Saskatchewan OR New Brunswick? New Immigrant

    ^ I think the threadstarter is considering provincial nomination. Those two provinces are relatively open at the moment. Most other provinces have restricted their nomination program already.
  16. LokiJr01

    Pre-arrival services

    Yes, I've contacted a lot of them already - they provide useful information ranging from settlement, language, culture orientation, skills training, and work networking. Once you have PPR, you can start contacting them. You can maximise their services for as long as you've not landed in Canada yet.
  17. LokiJr01

    Should i decline ITA ?

    What's your CRS at the moment? If it barely meets the recent cut off, then you should take the ITA while you can. We won't know for sure for how long Express Entry will stay with this cut off - for all we know, their score cut off will sky rocket to 470s once more You can make changes to your...
  18. LokiJr01

    It seems impossible to get ITA without having Provincial Nomination?

    Recent CRS cut off is very doable. What's key is your Wok Exp, IELTS and Education. Aside from the scores they give for each factor, CRS also computes for additional points attributed to the mix of Language Proficiency, Work Exp and Education. A very high IELTS score, top with at least 2 or...
  19. LokiJr01

    Timeline from PPR to COPR

    I think the timeline depends on the visa office...but I noticed they are sending the PP's back at a faster rate, and they don't maximise the promised 90 day turnaround time. Here's mine: PPR: January 05 PP Sent: January 06 COPR: January 16 VO: Manila
  20. LokiJr01

    For PINOY: About Express Entry Application. Share your idea!

    Depende po sa makuha niyong visa....kung Travel Visa lang yan at nalaman ng immigration na may work documents kayong dala at balak nyo maghanap dun, papabalikin kayo ng Pinas at blacklisted pa. Your best option po is to apply for Provincial Nomination. Sasks, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward or New...