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  1. FOO-TWW

    moving out from PNP province

    thank you,i have received copr letter. no landing needed as covid-19 going on.
  2. FOO-TWW

    moving out from PNP province

    Thanks for your reply. But FYI, employer do not support the PNP. At least my PNP. All employer did for me is provide a job letter and attended a call from PNP for 5 mins. You know what else my employer did for me? Threaten me for doing countless overtime without payment. Paying me less than the...
  3. FOO-TWW

    moving out from PNP province

    Hey Guys, Can you move out right away from PNP province after PR? My consultrant says there is no problem to move. but i read a few threads here says better to prove that you cannot find job at this province etc... What to do folks?
  4. FOO-TWW


    Thanks for the quote, I think that is about copr. I am wondering about inland ppr.
  5. FOO-TWW


    Did IRCC start issuing PPR for inland applicants now? I heard they put PPR on hold due to Covid-19 What about now? please share your thoughts here.
  6. FOO-TWW

    December 2019 AOR >>> Join here

    ITA: Nov 27 AOR: Dec 15 EE-PNP-inland. I got biometrics request letter today. anyone else??
  7. FOO-TWW

    Application Stages + What They Mean (MEP, IP1, IP2, Ghost Update...) - Version 2019

    Hey guys, I'm inland ee pnp applicant, AOR decide 15 My background status shows we are processing your BG check. Is this normal? I haven't pass medical yet. Good sign or bad? Thanks!
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    Hi friends, I have been watching this forum for quite a while, finally got my nomination. Draw 68 Submitted July 09 AIP Nov1 they called my employer the same day CIC account nomination massage Nov18 Assessement complete Nov19 LOA Nov19 thanks for all posting on this forum.
  9. FOO-TWW

    MPNP Draw #53 (8th Nov., 2018) - Timeline

    congrats! can you please share your full timeline with us? thank you
  10. FOO-TWW

    2018 January applicants for PR (paper-based)

    hi, can you please share your timeline for mpnp process? thanks
  11. FOO-TWW

    MPNP 2019 Applicants pls come in

    hi bicap, are you also waiting for mpnp? do u wanna share your timeline please?
  12. FOO-TWW

    MPNP-Express Entry Please come in

    Did anyone get MPNP ender Express Entry path? please share here.