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  1. Felix07Richerd

    Investing in Canadian real estate

    For the record I don't have anything to do with the mortgage, financing or real estate industries. I own a home and I guess that makes me guilty in your eyes, no matter what.
  2. Felix07Richerd

    when did i become a Resident?

    As a permanent resident, you receive certain rights and privileges, even though you remain a citizen of your home country.
  3. Felix07Richerd

    How can make my own business go faster?

    Don't worry friend, your business will grow soon, be patient and provide better services as you can.
  4. Felix07Richerd

    So how do you raise money today?

    You are right, Welcome to the forum, Please tell me how can I help you?
  5. Felix07Richerd

    Working as Free Lance in Canada ?

    You can also set up your business as a sole proprietorship. You can register it under your own name or under a business name - that way the name is protected and cannot be used by others.
  6. Felix07Richerd

    How do I immigrate to Canada?

    I am hoping to transfer to vancouver for exactly the same reasons. Have you had any support from the LFB, CIC etc.?
  7. Felix07Richerd

    Tips in Choosing the Best Apartments

    You can easily find pet friendly apartment, just need to follow the tips that offer for best apartment.
  8. Felix07Richerd

    Buying an apartment in Canada to meet residency requirements

    I love Canada a lot, This is true that Canadian apartments meet residency requirements. If you live in apartments in Ottawa especially in Westboro or Nepean area, you will be pleased to know that these districts are full of activity shopping street with many opportunities. In addition to the...
  9. Felix07Richerd

    Renting a townhouse vs an apartment

    You shouldn't have any problems if your credit is good and you have enough for the downpayment then go for it. Its obvious you can pay your mortgage on time because of your income, so good luck.
  10. Felix07Richerd

    Need to transfer apartment lease in Toronto....

    You have really great feature with this property. Keep it up :P
  11. Felix07Richerd

    Is there a link between apartment requirement and # of children?

    I know most states require that each child living in the home have his or her own bed. if there are children of both genders in the home, then there should be enough divided room "single rooms" to allow each boy a private room, each girl a private room, and the guardian to have a private room. 8)
  12. Felix07Richerd

    Any good website for buying an apartment in Calgary

    Looking many good sources here, hope you can find your desire apartment there.
  13. Felix07Richerd

    Is a family of 3 allowed to rent a 1-Bedroom Apartment in Ontario?

    Its completely depend on providers and their by-laws of the apartment. Don't worry you would get a suitable apartment soon. :)
  14. Felix07Richerd

    Need info regarding renting an apartment in quebec

    When I told my friend who lives in New Mexico that I had found a new one-bedroom place in Queens for $1100, he remarked that he was renting a two bedroom house, (that is, a single building on the ground with a yard and such) for $500 a month.
  15. Felix07Richerd

    looking for apartment for short visit (lease or rent anything), please help me

    Yes of course this forum is a good platform to solve problems immediate, thanks to website owner and also users :P above suggestions will help you surely.
  16. Felix07Richerd

    2 bedroom basement apartment for rent in Toronto

    most of the sources or can say websites offer apartment for rent in Toronto like craiglist, justfindit, and more.
  17. Felix07Richerd

    Renting Apartments, opening bank accounts in Canada from abroad- power of attorn

    your thought of giving power of attorney to your Mother is really appreciable, it shows respect for parents. :) Also helpful for your financial activities.
  18. Felix07Richerd

    Condo vs Apartment vs House

    It is completely depend requirements and choice, House - Individual house is always hard to budget but main profit is you have full freedom. Apartments - wide choice as well also affordable Condo - also much like apartments. So here you can say options are available.
  19. Felix07Richerd

    pet friendly apartment/basement suite in surrey

    You can easily find pet friendly apartment, just need to spend time on net and browse websites that offer apartment :P
  20. Felix07Richerd

    Apartment with month to month contract

    It is fine to moving Canada, so you will have better lifestyle. On the net many source are available for monthly rentals apartment, you can browse and select that will fit to your needs. You have wide choice to select, so most welcome in Canada