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    Self-Employed Application 2020

    Hi, I sent it via UPS so used the address for applications sent by courier as follows - mmigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada Self-employed Class Centralized Intake Office 49 Dorchester Street Sydney, NS B1P 5Z2 Canada
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    Self-Employed Application 2020

    Thank you! NOC 5221, applied from within Canada
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    Self-Employed Application 2019

    A temporary AOR only lets you contact IRCC with questions and is a notification that your application has been received and on which date, but it will not allow you to link a paper application to your online account. The actual AOR will come after the application has been checked for...
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    Self-Employed Application 2020

    Hi everyone, I also received the temporary application number today. Timeline 12/21/20 - application sent 12/24/20 - application received 01/15/21 - Temporary AOR