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  1. k.h.p.

    photo specifications spousal sponsorship

    I wouldn't worry about this too too much. They're just going to ask for new photos again in most cases.
  2. k.h.p.

    Is connecting flight possible before 3-day hotel quarantine?

    If you have somewhere to stay. Also: if your airline will let you reschedule like that.
  3. k.h.p.

    How is it possible to work on an unknown file ?

    It's frequent that AORs are not sent. It's as much by error or omission as it is anything. If you have confirmation that IRCC is processing your application you can assume that it is complete. If your MP is just making stuff up, who knows.
  4. k.h.p.

    Previous Permanent Residency Holder applying for Study Pemit

    Not too sure how being a PR is a good proof of intention to not reside permanently in Canada.
  5. k.h.p.

    Registering for a sole proprietorship business — on student visa

    Why would you register a sole proprietorship and not a corporation? You don't get any legal benefit from a sole proprietorship - you are personally liable.
  6. k.h.p.

    HELP - how to temporarily relocate to Canada from US (CND citizen)

    If you're a citizen, you don't need to file for residency in any way. OHIP is a matter with Service Ontario, you show up and tell them you are back in Canada. Your vehicle is more complex - there is a time period in which you are to import it, but if you're not planning on staying that long, you...
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    Government of Canada Survey

  8. k.h.p.

    Restoring status from visitor to OwP?

    If your visitor status has expired, you cannot "restore to OWP." You need to restore as a visitor first. Then you are eligible to apply for the OWP. Some people would submit the restoration application first then separately submit the PR/OWP application and hope that the restoration...
  9. k.h.p.

    A non-genuine relationship: stereotypes?

    I mean, who doesn't have stereotypes about Welland. It's flat, depressing, and sucks in a thunderstorm. But I agree - there is likely a LOT of context here - this is potentially a slide for "indicators of non-genuine relationships for inland applications from southern Ontario, south of the...
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    Question about finding work

    There isn't an easy solution to this problem. You either have permission to work in Canada or you don't. You can try to find a way to get a work permit or wait.
  11. k.h.p.

    Question about finding work

    Unless you have a work permit, you can't work pre-COPR but there's nothing stopping you from applying for jobs; you'll just have to honestly answer that you are not yet eligible to work in Canada when that question is asked. If you get a chance, you can explain that you will eventually have...
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    This new oppointment is real or fake

    how do you report criminals in any country
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    This is also what I was thinking - someone working to defend the scam they were trying to pull off. There was a thread started by a different throwaway account that was entirely about attacking Naturgrl. They then changed the thread title/topic to "123" since they couldn't figure out how to...
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    LOE: Visa Approved: 35 years: Dhaka

    OP wrote a very emotional and sarcastic letter full of attacks against a visa officer, without actually providing much to counter the visa officer's opinions. If the OP got the visa, I'd be surprised, but stranger things have happened. Turns out they did...
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    Are you the one that started the Naturgrl sucks thread? Because there's next to no chance that a hotel in Winnipeg, Manitoba, is eligible for an LMIA exemption based on Francophone mobility for Quebec.
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    Regarding Medical Exam Deferral due to pregnancy

    No idea. I imagine the rest of the medical exam will need to be re-done.
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    Remote work in Canada for Company located in US for CEC

    This will not be considered Canadian work experience.
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    Urgent Question: Married-Physically Present vs Married-Not Physically Present

    It's not clear if these "remote weddings" are considered "physically present" weddings in all circumstances in the US as it's basically one county in one state sensing a money-making opportunity and allowing officiants to conduct Zoom weddings anywhere. These weddings aren't even recognized in...
  19. k.h.p.

    Regarding Medical Exam Deferral due to pregnancy

    You need to complete what the panel physician will allow you to complete. And then let the panel physician submit the results along with the delay for the x-ray due to pregnancy. You can upload that letter yourself, but the panel physician should also say it.