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    Citizenship Certificate Photos During Covid?

    So, 2025 or something? :confused:
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    Citizenship Certificate Photos During Covid?

    What are the options for citizenship certificate photos for a minor during the pandemic? Do all the same requirements for the photo hold? I am not keen on taking a child to a professional photographer and have them remove their mask indoors.
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    Well, nothing is simple on a Mercedes.
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    Are my kids Canadian?

    I didn't say I was OK with it as a matter of policy, but the disparate legal treatment in the case of who becomes a Canadian citizens at birth applies not to people who are already Canadian citizens, but to their children--who may or may not be Canadian citizens. Do you understand the...
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    Are my kids Canadian?

    I said there was Christ, I was joking. Did you not see the emoji? Lighten up! I said there was second class citizenship while the Cons' citizenship stripping law was in effect. I didn't say that was the only time there was second class citizenship. I also gave a rather lengthy explanation as...
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    Are my kids Canadian?

    Apology accepted. :D
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    Are my kids Canadian?

    Welcome to the Internet. But not really, OP claimed they were not "fully Canadian," because they could not pass on citizenship to children born outside of Canada. That would constitute a form of second class citizenship, if true, but the legal issue is that the lack of citizenship at birth...
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    Are my kids Canadian?

    No, it doesn't. But if it did, yes, it would create second class citizenship if it only applied to some citizens as a function of the nature of their citizenship, as opposed to their individual actions.
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    Are my kids Canadian?

    You are suggesting citizenship can still be stripped today, for reasons other than misrepresentation?
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    Travelling with in Canda before PR card

    Canada is an open, free, democratic society. There are no internal travel controls. In cases where a particular mode of transport requires ID to board, your home country passport should suffice.
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    Are my kids Canadian?

    No, when they made citizenship stripping apply only to those who may have a claim to another citizenship, they created a second class citizenship. It wasn't the stripping that created second class citizenship, it was allowing it only for certain kinds of citizens.
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    Are my kids Canadian?

    Were the associated costs of your US delivery paid for by provincial healthcare under some agreement that directs Canadian residents to the nearest hospital even if it is in the US or did your mother just decide to go there on her own? if it is the former then maybe you have some compassionate...
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    Will company health insurance cover wife's delivery (who is on visitor visa) ?

    There are very few circumstances in which any kind of insurance plan you don't already have is going to cover your wife's delivery. In instances without a universal coverage mandate, pregnancy is often considered a "pre-existing condition." Possibly, you could deduct the costs on your taxes, if...
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    car loan help needed

    You can try refinancing the loan if your credit is decent. I have never heard of switching a car loan to a lease before and don't imagine it would be worth it even if it is possible. You can sell the car and get another car on lease, but that might not even help much if you are under water on...
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    PR approved. Can I visit Canada to find a house before 'landing'?

    The RO is always an issue. Even with a valid unexpired PR card, a CBSA officer could determine you have violated your RO and report you to IRCC for action.
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    Can only dependent spouse stay in Canada after first landing and search for job.

    Once landed, spouse is a PR with all the rights, responsibilities and obligations of such. Principal applicant can leave, but be aware of PR residency obligations and possible future impact on citizenship applications.
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    How Can I Get A SIN Number As An Undocumented Minor In Ontario Canada?<br>

    I can't think of any official programs that would help someone violate the law. It seems your only choice is the alt labour market until you can hopefully regularize yourself.
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    American changing last name in Canada

    Pretty sure you have to give them your old passport and they will cancel it and send it back to you. If timing is an issue, you can pay more for expedited processing.
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    American changing last name in Canada

    Once the name change is official, she should be able to get a new US passport in Canada. She could probably make an appointment at a consulate.
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    Soy de Venezuela busco asilo

    Donde esta ahorra? En Venezuela o otro pais? Los Estados Unidos? No puedo ser seguro, pero tal vez es mas facil to conseguir asilo en Los EEUU, si usted tiene miedo del gobierno de Maduro? Si usted esta ya en Los EEUU, hay un contrato entre los EEUU en Canada que dice qu es necessario de pedir...