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    Questions regarding becoming a permanent resident

    1. You don’t need a valid passport to apply for citizenship. Just provide an explanation why there is a gap (eg. You didn’t need it for travel) 3.
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    December 2019 - Citizenship Application

    The interview has always been a standard step for the citizenship grant process, even before the online tests. When you went in person for the test, the interview would happen right after. It’s done for language testing, and identity/information verification...
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    American adopted from a third country applying for Canadian citizenship

    Does she have a passport or any other travel document? That would be the best name to use.
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    IRCC Scarborough Applicants - Online Test/Interview/DM/Oath

    No interview = decision made = it's done. Just waiting for oath then, which is another story. Also, this is the Scarborough office thread. :) The Mississauga thread is below, you'll find better chances of finding Mississauga applicants there rather than here...
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    September 2019 - Citizenship Applicants

    Oh no I spoke too soon. :( From the website, it seems they’re still leaving the window open to in-person tests and oaths for the time being. I don’t expect they’ve changed that from the previous process, where the office is based on the applicant’s residence.
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    September 2019 - Citizenship Applicants

    Maybe this was on an older protocol when there were no designations yet. You got the invite, should be no worries.
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    Question about delaying citizenship test - Please advice

    Tell them a date when you expect to be back in Canada so they can reschedule accordingly. They can’t read your mind. They don’t know your plans unless you tell them, so inform them.
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    Citizenship Application from abroad 2021

    If I was in your shoes, I’d apply in June when I get to Canada to lessen any risk. Even if I agree there’s no requirement to be in Canada at the time of application. We’re also seeing now anyway there’s no FIFO being observed with citizenship applications lol.
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    Citizenship Application from abroad 2021 For applications received at the CPC-S on or after June 19, 2017 (...) Requirements summary All applicants for a grant of citizenship...
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    September 2019 - Citizenship Applicants

    Not everyone
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    October 2019 - Citizenship Applicants

    Answer this questionnaire: Long story short, if you don’t have any urgent travel, you apply by mail.
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    September 2019 - Citizenship Applicants

    Is there any update in your ECAS? You should be due something soon, if not already.
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    August 2019 - Citizenship Applicants If you do not pass the test If you don’t pass the first time, we’ll contact you to schedule a retest in person second time, we’ll schedule a hearing with...
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    Wrong tax return and then sent for reassesment

    You corrected something that needed to be corrected. You're overthinking this. Anyway, I also had to file a reassessment in one year, I returned any credits I mistakenly received, I got invited to take the test, so I'm assuming they found everything in order.
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    Do you have to take the online test IN CANADA?

    Even before the pandemic, the general public has been largely restricted from entering the embassies/consulates, by appointment for very specific purposes only. I don't think they'd take on the logistics and security for them to allow people to come in to take a 30-minute test.
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    How to send a private message to a particular member

    It’s likely your recipients turned off the option for private messages.
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    How can I start living in canada?

    For a golden snowflake European like you, the IEC one-year holiday visa as previously mentioned is the biggest privilege for initiating the immigration process to Canada that third-worlders can never have.
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    IRCC Scarborough Applicants - Online Test/Interview/DM/Oath

    No requirement you and your mom have to be physically together. So long as she is able to access the video conference on her own.
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    Decision made to my citizenship application

    This was answered in your duplicate post in the appropriate forum
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    Is there question about " if you lost..." while applying to Canada citizenship?

    You're required to provide info about any past/current citizenships and immigration statuses you held and the dates you held them. Nothing about a reason why you lost that status. You're welcome to see for yourself in the application form and process...