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    How to apply visitor visa for parents from Canada

    Hello Friends, My wife is pregnant and we are expecting our baby by April 2019. We came to canada 6 months ago. My wife is not working and I am the only person working. I am planning to bring my mother by end of March 2019 so that she can be here with us during the pregnancy time. There are few...
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    PR sponsorship for child born outside Canada to permanent resident parents

    Hello Friends, I am in a situation similar to what many people have asked here on this thread but just wanted some more information. Me and my wife arrived in Canada in June 2018. My wife is now pregnant and the due date is April 2019. We have health card and all the check ups are done through...
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    Child Care Benefits

    Thank you for the reply. Any idea how much it will cost for the whole PR process of the child?
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    Child Care Benefits

    I would like to know if a child is born in India but parents having PR status 1) How to add the child to PR 2) How much time it would take for the child to become PR 3)Will the child be eligible for Canada Child Benefit after becoming PR? Any pointers in the right direction is highly...