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    Currently on WHP - Over 31 years old from Australia.

    Okay, ( it says currently in the subject line, i meant "will be"...i'm tired) Being 31, I'm not sure if when the WHP is going to expire there is provision for renewing the WHP another time (regardless of age) or wether it entails a whole new application, and hence ruled out due to age for...
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    Currently on WHP - Over 31 years old from Australia.

    Hi guys, So if you're currently on a WHP and you'll be turning 32 when it is set to expire, are you able to reapply for a second go as a current temporary resident, or commit to applying for PR from the start? I thought I read that you get 2 goes, so 4 years all up, and at that time then you...
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    Working Hoilday Visa (IEC) and Nurses

    Hi, This may be due to the fact that certain professions may require health screening prior to obtaining a work visa. Nurses work in healthcare so therefore health screening needs to be done by a visa medical approved office. Even though she passed her licensing exams, without the...
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    Temporary Foreign Workers applied on October 2014

    Ok then, Speaking from Australia, my wife needed a visa medical in order to be eligible for work in healthcare, so we went through the same waiting, and this was for a working holiday visa. The medical was conducted at the visa medical office on September 11 2014, and this office being an...
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    IEC letter expired before work permit complete! PLEASE HELP!

    Ok, so according to the site, the conditional letter validity is related to the creation of your myCIC account. It's basically saying you have 2 weeks to open a myCIC account and get started, not 14 days for te entire process. That is way too quick for any immigration body, plus...
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    Entry and travel insurance.

    Where are you going to be staying? which province?
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    IEC letter expired before work permit complete! PLEASE HELP!

    So this is the letter that you get from kompass in the beginning stages, and having done that you've created your myCIC account via GCkey correct? Then you've started your application which has an expiration of about 60 days (i think, from memory), which should be plenty of time to get your...
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    Police Certificate

    Maybe it's an age thing. I'm from NSW and have a second POE, applying from AUS again some years after my last. Never had driving history requested, just seems strange that it discriminates by state, which why it may be an age thing. Anyways good luck.
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    Police Certificate

    Well I guess NSW gets another feather in it's cap. Again, what type of permit are we talking about? Weird, but interesting.
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    Health Insurance on IEC - Australians

    As someone has previously stated, you need to check with the province or territory that you'll be residing in. They are all different, and I'll echo what has been said about Alberta. If you are landing in Calgary, it's fair to say that you'll be staying in Alberta, and yes Alberta does cover...
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    Police Certificate

    Traffic or driving history...??? Really? what are you applying for? and IEC entry? If so, driving histroy has nothing to do with it. You may take it with you to canada for when you seek car insurance but that's about it when it comes to working holidays. All that is required eventually is an...
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    Application delays on Kompass

    Dan, Obtaining a Kompass account is obviously the easy part, and the rest of it is too. All you need to do as soon as practical is upload your CV, passport details and pay the fee. Once that's done, it takes about 10 business days for them to get back to you with a Conditional Letter of...
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    IEC / CIC Application Help... 1 CIC account or 2?

    Hopefully an easy question. I'm almost done with my paperwork, though I'm not sure if my wife and I can just zip our documents together in each field (police check, passport, photo, IMM1295...etc.) as we're both applying for permits... Or, does my wife need a myCIC account too and submit her...
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    WP with toddler.

    Canuck_in_UK, Thanks very much for your timely and accurate response. As you've picked up already, this time i've become somewhat more confused. The difference a few years make :) It's all making more sense now, and if I get a little stuck again I sure know where to find a possible answer...
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    WP with toddler.

    Thanks so much for the prompt response. We're Australian Citizens so definitely not visa-exempt (if i'm understanding you). When we obtained visas back in 2009, we received authorisation for open work permits, this was via the old WHP website that used to be available. We're only applying...
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    WP with toddler.

    Hi, I've lived and worked in Alberta a few years back, now wife and i would like to go back and do the same again with the view to doing PR. I've read it a thousand times but can't seem to grasp the answer to this question: if we're taking our 18 month old with us, do I need an extra...