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    It's been 10 months

    im in the same boat, 1 year and still no progress. what's the update on your application?
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    Change of address within a city and district(street) after PPR

    Hello did u raise a webform informing them of your new address, im in the same boat
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    Forecast on when "Outlanders" will be issued PPR

    Hey mate, did u already receive PPR? Whats your visa office. Mine is NS Dec 7 2019 2019 and still nothing
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    PPR using different mailing address - Please help

    Hi, were u able to receive your passport using different address without any issues?
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    >>>>>>>DECEMBER 2019 AOR<<<<<<< Join here

    Hello everyone, I would just like to ask about the importance of updating the mailing address. I have noticed from others' PPR document in step 1 that they need to inform the visa office about any changes including the contact info -> mailing address. Since pandemic started, I actually move to...
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    >>>>>>>DECEMBER 2019 AOR<<<<<<< Join here

    I had the same GU last Monday, but still no PPR. Were you able to receive yours now?
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    >>>>>>>DECEMBER 2019 AOR<<<<<<< Join here

    Hi guys, I would like to ask about the importance of updating mailing address. AOR is dec 7 2020 and since May 2020, we are already living on a different address. we decided to let go of our condominium to save up for the living expanses during covid season. My query are as follows: 1. We are...
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    PPR delays due to covid-19

    I am on the same boat, AOR is dec 7, 2019, had my 6 months completed last june 7. I raised a webform on june 8 and got a genereic response saying my account is in progress. outland applicant here.
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    Were you able to submit your pr application already? I am concerned about the possibility of nbi getting rejected because of the unclear dry seal. i submitted a scanned copy and upon checking, the dry seal is totally not visible.
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    KABAYAN - SINP 2017

    hello po meron po ba nag ka issue dito sa dry seal ng nbi? hindi po kasi visible yung dry seal don sa sinubmit ko na scanned copy. salamat!
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    hi did you encounter any issues after submitting it to ircc?
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    Filipino living overseas - Police cert with fingerprint?

    did anyone encounter any issues with the dry seal?
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    CIC progress bar starting March 06

    anyone has any idea what stage are you in when progress bar is at 22%? it's been 15 days since i submitted my biometrics. Am I done with the PCC assessment already? also, im a bit worried about not submitting my TOR though most of the forums says it is not a requirement.
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    Transcript - PR Application Help Please

    im in the same boat, didn't upload transcript as instructed in the information window during uploading of documents. did you guys successfully got your PR even without the transcript? If yes, I will no longer submit it via CSE forms. Thanks for your reply.
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    Transcript - PR Application Help Please

    Hi, were you able to get PR without the transcript of records?
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    Nbi letter of explanation

    hi, pwede po mag bring up ng different topic about nbi? napansin ko po kasi sa submitted scanned nbi doc ko ng nbi na hindi visible ang DRY SEAL. but clearly, it is stated in the cic website that it should have a thumbmark and must include a dry seal? any idea if magkakaproblema po kaya ako on...
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    NBI Clearance Thumbprint and SIgnature

    I notice just now that yung NBI po na sinubmit ko ay hindi visible yung dry seal? Would this be a problem down the line po? What do you think po?
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    Post ITA changes

    Hi guys, I'm thinking about removing my Aunt/Uncle in the Family section. Is it just fine to simply just remove and provide a letter of explanation afterwards? If I decide to leave it as it is. Are they gonna be requiring me to submit their residency documents afterwards? Or it is only...
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    R u waiting for AINP nomination

    Hi guys another off topic again, pls forgive me. Just wanna ask if anobody knows how long the validity of PR visa is gonna be? Im expecting to get an ita on the next draw. Im asking because i wish to finish my law school before I leave for canada. 2020 is ny lasy yr at the university.
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    R u waiting for AINP nomination

    Im an Outland applicant