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  1. emamabd

    OINP - EE - Human Capital Priorities Stream - Comprehensive Guide

    I'm no expert, but i think only your Wife should create an EE profile with the 438, because it doesn't help to have her as a principal applicant and end up scoring less. While waiting in the EE pool, your wife should continue to work on her IELTS, there's lots of improvement still possible in...
  2. emamabd

    Buying house,guidance needed

    Age ain't nothing but a number... Any detached brick home anywhere in the GTA will always be in high demand, specially if it has a basement - regardless of how old it is - as long as its priced right, many will lineup to buy it. Why? Because it can always be renovated, rented or put for sale...
  3. emamabd

    Project Manager/Remote Jobs

    Hi there, Toronto is a good choice - there are many PM opportunities available. I would recommend you start building your "Canadian Professional Network" on linkedin, connect with recruiters, identify target companies and try to connect with people working in those companies - so as to get...
  4. emamabd

    International student in Canada wants to bring his spouse and children

    Is it possible to extend a post graduation work permit? i.e. by default its granted for the same period as his studies (in his case its 1 year) Noting that although he's currently studying a college certificate program in Canada, he does have an MSc degree from a UK university and about 10+...
  5. emamabd

    International student in Canada wants to bring his spouse and children

    Hi all, Asking on behalf of a friend, He's currently studying at a college in Ontario and his studies will complete in August, after which he intends to apply for a work permit (his college program qualifies for a 1 year work permit) He wants to bring his dependent family members (wife and...
  6. emamabd

    Seriously confused please help

    The best thing in life is to have options, and that includes which countries you can live, travel and work. Plans change with time and nothing is set in stone. Since you qualify for citizenship now, then go ahead and apply. You would definitely have to fly-in for interview and oath...but this...
  7. emamabd

    How I got three job offers while being outside Canada

    Congrats, as usual you've share lots of good stuff and great to see things working out well for you! I agree 100% that house purchase limits mobility, i've purchased a home in the east side of the GTA and every now and then i come across attractive job opportunities on the west end...but...
  8. emamabd

    Finding IT/Telecom job

    Core network jobs are quite rare, but 5G maybe happening in the near future in Canada - if your skills are sharp and up to date - you can monitor the job sites of the big telecom vendors - Nokia, Huawei and Ericsson. If you have Core Network operation experience you can also check the websites...
  9. emamabd

    Finding a job while waiting

    What you can do while waiting for your PR visa? Research, research and research on the job market needs, look at job postings for your industry and familiarize yourself with the Canadian requirements, identify any skills gaps you may have/or opportunities to enhance existing skills - to position...
  10. emamabd

    How to find part time job in Montreal

    If you are looking for "any job" you can google job fairs in Montreal, attend those events and be active. Also visit government funded employment agencies and seek their help. By the way, why Montreal - are you a Quebec immigration applicant with a CSQ? Are you bilingual?
  11. emamabd

    Referral required for IT job

    As others have mentioned, you are sharing too many personal details on a public form...not a good idea. A general piece of advice, the fact that you worked in many different industries is not seen as an advantage here in Canada (i.e. you will be perceived as a generalist , while they are...
  12. emamabd

    OINP - EE - Human Capital Priorities Stream - Comprehensive Guide

    Yes its very difficult, unless you have a skillset which is in very high demand in Canada. You can always try, worth mentioning that even after becoming PR/or Citizen securing a job doesn't become much easier.
  13. emamabd

    Possible? Thoughts? Get job as immigrant in Canada without PR and living in India (Machine learning)

    Your field of experience is definitely interesting and there's a demand for that skill here - but again the process for sponsoring applicants from abroad is very painful and most employers won't be willing to go through it. Its not that hard to find someone with 1.5 years experience in Machine...
  14. emamabd

    New Brunswick job opportunities and job market

    Toronto is Canada's Financial hub...there are more jobs here in the Banking and Finance sector than any other city in may want to consider moving to the GTA.
  15. emamabd

    Contract job !!!

    Its easier to get a "job" when you already have a "job". If you aren't currently employed, it probably makes sense to accept the contract do your best and shine at what you do while you keep looking for a better job. Worst case scenario would be the contract ends and you have excellent...
  16. emamabd

    Tips for new comers to find a job in Canada

    Ok i see, Apologies, i don't have much insight on the pay-scale of that field
  17. emamabd

    Tips for new comers to find a job in Canada

    Those are minimum wage jobs, in Ontario its about $14 per hour. If you have to do these kind of jobs, my advice is to try and do evenings and weekends only. Save your "day-time" for doing things that can have a larger impact on your professional job search, such as attending Networking events...
  18. emamabd

    Tips for new comers to find a job in Canada

    Agree, its a good program for someone who already has the background and experience (i.e. Job Ready) but only lacks professional connections and local orientation. generally you need to be fluent in French in Montreal if your job requires a lot of communication with Business partners, clients...
  19. emamabd

    Tips for new comers to find a job in Canada

    Hmm, i do not know much about Montreal, but i really think the GTA has a larger variety of Bridging Programs i, the below program is what i would recommend if you were going to land in Toronto/GTA: Do you have to land in Montreal...
  20. emamabd

    Tips for new comers to find a job in Canada

    Employers in Canada have no idea what WES/ or WES Evaluation is. It has no bearing on your ability to get a job, but it will help you in getting enrolled in Bridging programs in your field (which is quite useful for a newcomer) Previous work experience in a known multinational company is...