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    Wrong NOC after AOR (Urgent)

    All the best....May God Bless you
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    Full Licence History - Australia - Victoria - PCC

    Well you posted in wrong section but anyways refer to my post here: For any other Australians that happen to come to this thread for...
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    Post Graduate Work Permit Processing Time (PGWP)

    Asking for a friend....If he completed a 14 month Post Grad Paralegal course in 11 months would be get PGWP for 11 months or 14 months? Any help is appreciated...
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    divorce after soft landing

    Not really misrepresentation as there is no proof they both had it coming....Maybe it just happened in spur of moment...with such things you can't have definite times... But the bottom line is they both can't file for divorce/settlement case in Canada if neither one of them has completed one...
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    Bank Account options

    Sorry I should have mentioned, I am in Australia not US
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    Can someone please clarify when exactly does a student need to stop working after completing final semester and before applying for PGWP?

    For anyone reading this in future, receiving final grades is not same as receiving your final transcripts. So until you receive your final completion certificate/transcripts from your institution you can continue to work as it clearly states "they have completed the final academic requirements...
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    divorce after soft landing

    If he is filling for divorce in your home country then you will have to follow the laws of the home country....If he was filling for divorce in Canada then it would have been different I suppose...not sure...Maybe others can provide better inputs....
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    Bank Account options

    HSBC is worst customer service....I have called them like 7 times and last time I was on hold for almost 4 hours before they answered. Promised an international banking advisor will call me back to open a new account but didn't get any calls for 2 weeks. Then I emailed their complaint line and...
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    Open Canadian bank account before arriving in Canada

    Has anyone tried opening RBC account before landing?
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    Returning Canadians, how to transfer money and gold

    What is the limit on transferring money from overseas ? I am planning to open an account before landing but want to transfer all my savings before I land...
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    Open a bank account before landing

    Has anyone opened an account with RBC or HSBC before landing and transferred over $50,000 from home country?
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    Bank Account options

    Did you get all the new settler offers from RBC as well ?
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    Australian traffic history query

    Hi guys with demerit points from Australia - were you able to successfully exchange your Australian DL for Ontario license?
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    Traffic tickets in USA and its impact on Canadian driving record

    Hey How did you go with the exchange ? I have few demerit points on my Australian license and was wondering if it would cause any issues when exchanging license...
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    How to Get Canadian Driving License -for Newcomers

    Has anyone successfully converted their Australian License with demerit points to Ontario license?
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    Traffic Record from Queensland, Australia

    Has anyone been able to convert to Ontario license without issues even though having lost demerit points on their Australian license?
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    Full Licence History - Australia - Victoria - PCC

    Long shot....But has anyone had experience with having Demerit points on their Australian DL but been able to convert to Ontario License without issue???