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    Port of Spain Office, Trinidad and Tobago

    Congrats ryanr & lodging... Happy reunion
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    Port of Spain Office, Trinidad and Tobago

    Yep ! After 28 days I received CoPR yesterday in the mail... Thank god the waiting is over !!! We need more positive results this month. I wish they could walk in our shoes for a month to see how stressful this waiting is.. Good luck to all
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    Help getting worried in need of advise

    They also sent me an email asking me to send and updated schedule A form... That's because they updated that form and you filled the old form that was on their site.. just make sure you don't leave any gaps in 'work history' or they'll return it to you and that would be more delay time.. I...
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    Tips for 2016 (Future) PGP Applicants

    Be patient... Every Tuesday is when they update all UCI profiles. Don't waste your time checking every day ...
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    Port of Spain Office, Trinidad and Tobago

    From reading through numerous forums, I thought it would take around 2 weeks because I travel every month for my job and I was trying to calculate sending and receiving my passport back to book my May 2nd trip...' BOY WAS I WRONG '... Initially, I received the email to send my passport FEB 23rd...
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    Port of Spain Office, Trinidad and Tobago

    Hey RyanR....I am also awaiting the return of my passport from Port of Spain... Sent it on 3-31-2016 Received by Immigration section in P.O.S on the 4-04-2016 sign by T.EAILEY It`s been 24 days counting... nothing yet !! Phildais
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    Hi everyone, I got an email from CIC acknowledging they received my PR package on October 14th, 2015... They Started processing my application on January 18th, 2016.. to make a long story short, they ask for me to send my passport and acceptance letter from CSQ ( Quebec's requirements ) and 2...