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    My settlement experience

    If you will listen, dont waste your time applying for survival jobs. I applied for over 100 jobs on indeed and other sites, yielded nothing within a one month period. Even walmart and retail shops refused to hire me with a masters degree. You will be shocked. I can do whatever their staff...
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    Professional Engineer - Certification - PEO - Question

    Hello. Please connect me to a chemical engineer seeking P.Eng in Alberta. Thanks
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    is FORM B4/B4A given at airport?

    please can u help me out with the forms to fill? i cant find it online.
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    Calgary - Sharing landing experience

    Smooth landing. I'll be landing at Calgary soon. Many thanks. Please can i get the postcode of service canada. landing
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    PR card arrived, returning to home country for emergency. Necessary documents?

    Your PR may be withdrawn if you stay out of Canada for three months or so. You need to verify this before you leave. Goodluck
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    Got Passport stamped. Need help with planning

    All of you seem to be going to Ontario. Now i am jealous. Please can you just make a last minute decision to come to Alberta? ‍♀️‍♀️
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    Best newcomer bank account in canada

    I know you are trying to make a point but dont quite get it. The $2000 RBC offers, is it a free credit to be repaid by the offered person upon securing a job? Or this fee is subject to a person paying it in every month so as to build credit level. I'm a bit confused. Kindly explain the concept...
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    Forms to fill after landing

    what if the jewelries are a female's own placed inside her box before landing? Do i need to declare it as welll? And do i need to take pictures of the whole jewelry and print it? kindly respond im concerned. f
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    PPR to COPR

    Once your passport has been stamped, you will get an email from cic saying you should check your profile. Once you log in, you will be notified that your application has been approved. Having been through all the hurdles of express entry, this spells good news!!!.You can then expect your...
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    Social Insurance Number - which service center?

    Thanks.I will need to find out if there is a service canada desk present at Calgary airport.
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    First Time Entry into Canada as PR

    lets say on average 15-20days for those who are awaiting the return of their passport. Mind you, you should wait patiently like me Approved status means that your passport has been stamped. Your chosen courier should be able to give you an estimate of the number of working days it should take.
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    Social Insurance Number - which service center?

    Hi please are you trying to say that immigrants get social insurance number as soon as they land and fill the registration form at the airport? Or it takes weeks for processing? kindly clarify.
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    When to expect PPR after BG IP2?

    You can get it within 24hours from IP2
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    IP2 Wait times

    Lol. im at ip2 now. The good Lord should help me cos i'm literally tired of waiting!!
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    RECEIVED PPR but CIC application not updated

    congrats on your ppr. you are a funny fellow i must say with your question-Am I a victim of early happiness??. Well, from what I have read on this forum for those who made it to ppr its usually after copr is given one or two days thereafter that your status will be updated and you will see it...