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    I think you might be reading a little too much into that. Once they've received your application and checked it's complete, they will begin reviewing documents to approve the sponsor. That is likely what they mean by verifying the documents. Additionally, many people on this forum have found the...
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    Hello everyone, just checking in to say my husband landed successfully today :D I really hope everyone else in this group is reunited with their loved ones soon. Many thanks for the support through this process!
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    It took over a week for us, husband's passport arrived at the visa office 30th July and he received COPR in the mail 9th August. He had to send his stuff to the London VO, so the wait time might be different for other VOs. I hope you get your papers soon!
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    Well it won't be official until you get the COPR, but yes! You're at the final step, congrats :)
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    Common law Spouse Sponsorship UK

    It sounds like you are a little overwhelmed, but I would really go through the guide on the CIC website as well as the guide that Hurlabrick posted. I just finished up sponsoring my British spouse, and from the receipt of our application to him receiving his landing papers, it took us around 4.5...
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    There's no set timeline for when each step happens. We had a bit of a delay at the start of our application process, we got AOR 10th April but no SA until 24th June. After that, the process sped up, but it's impossible to predict how long you will wait between steps. Which I agree is very...
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    Disagreement with immigration lawyer: seeking opinions

    I'd have a look at the instruction guide for the Criminal Rehabilitation application, there's a section about juvenile convictions: Were you convicted as a juvenile? In Canada, a young offender is someone who is 12 years of age or older but less than 18 years of age. You are not inadmissible...
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    Police Certificate for spouse sponsorship PR.

    It's a bit of a weird one, because the instructions definitely say what you've just summarised, but we've seen people on this forum get their applications sent back to them because they didn't include police certificates from other countries that they had previously lived in for longer than 6...
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    [help] Application returned

    I don't think they ever consider anyone for queue-jumping. I'm not sure I follow why you didn't just wait to send off your application until you'd filed your 2018 taxes? At least now you have a chance to review everything again before you send it off. But unfortunately there is no way to get...
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    There is no way to speed up the process, they don't make any exceptions for things like pregnancy. I sincerely hope that your husband's application finishes processing before your baby is born, but I'm afraid all you can do is wait.
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    It's up to you! The application can only be linked to one account at a time, but it doesn't matter if it's the PA or sponsor. For us, we decided that my husband (PA) would link it to his account since all the stuff like biometrics and medical requests go there, which are things for the PA to do...
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    GCKey account question

    An application can only be linked to one GCKey account at a time. Don't know why that's the way they built it, but it means that you'll need to decide who checks GCKey. We decided that my husband, the PA, would have access to it since all the requests for biometrics and medical etc get sent there.
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    There's certainly no harm in ordering your notes if you want to, but it is pretty impossible to get any kind of precise summary out of IRCC with regards to applications. If you call the help line, they really won't tell you much more than the info that you can access yourself. They might tell...
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    Oh, we already had our letter and it gave instructions for sending it to London. His COPR arrived on Tuesday :) And to answer the question in your other post, yes everyone has to send in new photos. They are affixed to your landing papers.
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    It's on the next page, you have to click Next at the bottom of the page and you'll be taken to the upload form.
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    Entry documents for American

    You can get a Travel History Report from CBSA, the info about it is here: It sounds like you've checked, but just be sure that your province covers people with visitor status, because most don't. I...
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    Some VOs will send an email that says they are confirming they received the application (which is called AOR2), but not all of them. CPC-M doesn't seem to send them these days. We never got one, only the initial email telling us we were getting transferred. Some people take the date from when...
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    Ohh, that's called a ghost update, it usually means they were doing something to your application. People often find they get an actual update not long after that happens. Keep an eye out, maybe they're getting ready to transfer your application to a VO. I'm crossing my fingers for you!
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    Effects of Rejected Application on Future Applications

    Thanks, you too! We submitted in March, and husband's landing papers are in the post on the way to him now :) So he'll be moving out next month!
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    Effects of Rejected Application on Future Applications

    We did an outland application so he could continue working right up until he moves over (which should be soon!). Of course the downside was that being apart sucks :P If you want to do an inland application, I believe that you can get 6 months of visitor status on an eTA, and for any time beyond...