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  1. One_Topsy

    New employer not deducting Federal Taxes

    Let me explain again. Let's say Employer B is paying me $40k a year, I've been working for them since Oct 2017 My gross salary for the year is more than the amount claimed, however, the amount they will pay me from Oct-Dec is less than the amount claimed, so they are not deducting taxes...
  2. One_Topsy

    New employer not deducting Federal Taxes

    Hi Everyone, I worked for Employer A from Jan 2017 to October 2017. They were deducting -Federal tax -EI -CPP My new employer from Oct 2017 only deducts -EI -CPP I looked at my payslip and there is no federal tax deduction. The only reason I can think of is that I filled a TD1 form for tax...
  3. One_Topsy

    Ray of Hope 66th Draw

    A late draw is better than no draw...keep hope alive
  4. One_Topsy

    Need PNP nomination to get Express Entry CRS score

    1. There is no specific time of the year, you just have to keep checking their website and maybe join some groups on this forum that have people looking for PNP as well. You get to hear when they open 2. I've gone through alll the provinces in Canada, i'm not sure what else you're asking. SK...
  5. One_Topsy

    Need PNP nomination to get Express Entry CRS score

    Unfortunately my friend, the advice i will give you may not like. 1. My first suggestion and most important is that you do IELTS again. Study and prepare well, don't just take the exam. Try and improve your Listening and Writing. The reason i say this is because PNP is alot more difficult now...
  6. One_Topsy

    CEC OUTLAND - Proof of Funds. Confused.

    Guys, let's not be draw into an unnecessary argument, Note: You do not have to meet the funds requirement if you were invited to apply under the Canadian Experience Class. From End of story
  7. One_Topsy

    Ray of hope 61st draw

    If you have your WES and IELTS documents, then you can do it yourself. If your case is a simple one, like you don't have any negative immigration history in the past or complicated case with CIC then tell your lawyer you don't need them anymore. You can surely do it yourself!!!
  8. One_Topsy

    Super Visa - anyone applied as yet?

    Hey guys, quick question on the insurance. Do you actually need to pay for the duration of the whole year? Like what if the parent comes for 2 months and goes back to country of residence. Can we stop the insurance payments till they come back to Canada? Thanks
  9. One_Topsy

    *** New PR to Canada and Filing Return for the First Time ***

    First time tax filer here as well. I used Studio Tax and filed online. received my return already! However, note that you can't change your address as you file, so if you've communicated with CRA before, they will use your old address
  10. One_Topsy

    Can I my file my tax return online?

    Why not file electronically?
  11. One_Topsy

    Proof of Funds (Express Entry)

    Actually, I should correct that. It's CAD$10,000. And you are required to declare if you bring in more than that amount, not that it's not allowed.
  12. One_Topsy

    Proof of Funds (Express Entry)

    Travellers cheque is safe. It's like any cheque and you can cash it at the airport when you arrive. I don't see why they will question foreign bank statement. You are not allowed to carry more than $10,000 cash into Canada, so how will they expect you to get your money. Anyway, I landed with...
  13. One_Topsy

    Proof of Funds (Express Entry)

    You can bring your bank statements from your country. Make sure you have some money on you for immediate expenses. Money could be debit/credit cards from your current bank account, Travellers Cheque etc There's no point creating an account before you land in my opinion. It will not be active...
  14. One_Topsy

    Going crazy over the insurance

    In Saskatchewan you get insurance from day 1
  15. One_Topsy

    First Time Return and problem with CRA registration

    It is likely one of the three verification options. I suspect your address. It happened as well, my wife's address was different from mine. Call CRA, they will rectify it
  16. One_Topsy

    Proof of Funds (Express Entry)

    It depends on what the process for a legal name change in your country is. 1. Do you have any government document with her previous name? 2. If affidavit is not legally required to change a name in your country then maybe don't include it. You can provide the new passport, marriage certificate...
  17. One_Topsy

    Proof of Funds (Express Entry)

    No problems here...I had same situation. Create a single PDF document containing; 1. Marriage certificate/documents 2. New passport showing data page 3. Old passport data page 4. Any other legal document used to change name, (affidavit, newspaper publication, etc...) Good luck!
  18. One_Topsy

    Ontario Express Entry: Human Capital Priorities Stream >> Connect Here

    So according to OINP; 1. Any NOIs sent as of February 23, 2017 will be valid for six months for applications to the HCP stream. 2. Wait till after you receive the NOI, then create your OneKey account, you then have 14 days to submit So DON'T create your Onekey account until you are ready and...
  19. One_Topsy

    Proof of Funds (Express Entry)

    No problem with paying in cash as long as there is a paper trail and they can see where the money came from. If your wife withdrew the money and gave you, let her prepare a LoE and proof of transaction if possible. For a gift, show a gift deed. Any cash payment to your account you are using...