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  1. Wolfpmd3

    Does a contract position count towards PR requirments?

    Doesn't matter, contract or permanent as long as the NOC qualifies
  2. Wolfpmd3

    Travel to home country and return to Canada again

    I highly doubt you'll be able to travel then, I don't think traveling will go back to normal by the end of April. If everything goes back to normal, however, you will of course be able to do so. That's why you hold a visa, exactly for that.
  3. Wolfpmd3

    Covid - 19 and work experience

    I don't think they will change the rules, although can't know for sure. I'm guessing they'll let you extend the duration of people's work permits.
  4. Wolfpmd3

    Delayed documents due to COVID-19

    If you read the IRCC announcements, you should know that is exactly what you are supposed to do and that IRCC will not reject applications because of missing documents
  5. Wolfpmd3

    Does PR application valid if valid job offer is revoked after getting Ontario Nomination

    Does your Provincial Nomination require you to have this job offer or be employed? If the nomination requires this, then YES, you'll be losing these 50 points, and if on top of that you'd lose the additional 50 points for arranged employment, you will most likely fall under the cut-off for your...
  6. Wolfpmd3

    Do I have to be working while EE is processed?

    In General, EE does not require current employment
  7. Wolfpmd3

    CEC proof of relationship

    OMG! Why is it so hard to understand? You don't need to do it! You are only required to upload the documents they request based on the checklist, the fact that your aunt lives in Canada is completely irrelevant... they don't care. It doesn't factor in the equation... But hey, if you want to...
  8. Wolfpmd3

    Question about the NOC code and education supporting document

    So you don't need anything from your foreign degree. You just need to submit the proof of your Canadian degree. That's it.
  9. Wolfpmd3

    CEC proof of relationship

    You don't need to upload anything. Again, having a Canadian aunt is useless for CEC stream.
  10. Wolfpmd3

    Question about the NOC code and education supporting document

    Do you have a Canadian degree? Can't help you with the NOC, you should look for the one that fits best according to the duties, the actual title is irrelevant, you should worry about the duties.
  11. Wolfpmd3

    Worked gained on PGWP and POF

    Profile? If you're just submitting the profile you don't need anything. Any NOC experience is irrelevant when you apply if you get an ITA eventually. Under CEC, you don't need POF
  12. Wolfpmd3

    Temporarily laid off-Covid 19

    You just answered the question, "won't affect my eligibility".... If you read what I posted then of course the answer is no.
  13. Wolfpmd3

    CEC proof of relationship

    Your aunt? If you are invited under CEC, the only relative that can give you any points is a Sibling. You should now that you won't be getting any points for an aunt, you can only get those 15 points for a sibling who is Canadian or a PR and currently resides in Canada.
  14. Wolfpmd3

    Work experience

    1. Of course not, If you don't work how can you expect to claim this as work experience? Solid NO. 2. I don't think you'd qualify, as a foreign national for the 2000 $/month benefit, these are only for Permanent Residents and Citizens.
  15. Wolfpmd3

    bridge open work permit

    You don't need to be employed, that's not a requirement.
  16. Wolfpmd3

    Temporarily laid off-Covid 19

    Not necessarily, you need to inform IRCC if there are any changes that might affect your eligibility. Usually, stop working shouldn't affect your eligibility for CEC since you receive points for past work experience. However, if you claimed the 50 points for future employment with the same...
  17. Wolfpmd3

    Online study due covid-19

    Of course, yes.... Every single student in Canada is doing it because of it.