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  1. trumprefugee

    Excellent U.S. Credit Cards without Foreign Transaction Fees

    In Canada, we all start off with bad credit and get credit cards with ridiculously low credit limits, so it's really helpful to keep using your good US credit cards with no foreign transaction fee until your Canadian credit improves. For my first year in Canada, I still used my US credit cards...
  2. trumprefugee

    Physical Presence test for Citizenship

    Generally wage income is sourced to where you perform the services. So if you are working in Canada for the US company, it's still Canada source income for the work you do in Canada, and US source for the one time each month that you travel to the US. All reportable on your Canada tax return...
  3. trumprefugee

    Ray of Hope - 81st Draw

    No need to tell IRCC about withdrawing your OINP application in this case
  4. trumprefugee

    Ontario PNP (OINP) - 2017: Join here

    No. Once OINP starts processing your application (i.e, you move into Assessment stage), the fee is nonrefundable.
  5. trumprefugee

    CPA (Ontario) for Internationally Qualified Accountants

    I'm not sure, although I assumed the 12 weeks would apply from the date of submission. But it took about 6 1/2 months for them to approve my application to register, and now they are asking me to submit two referee forms (letters of references) from two Canadian CPAs who have known me for over a...
  6. trumprefugee

    CPA (Ontario) for Internationally Qualified Accountants

    Any updates? CPA Ontario is very slow. I could not find a place to pay and had to email for help. They directed me to this payment form: I would...
  7. trumprefugee

    CPA Canada

    Did anyone else here apply for Ontario CPA and get asked to have two character references completed on your behalf by two other Canadian CPAs who have known you for more than a year? How do you find these references if you're not working in the industry with Canadian CPAs and have been in Canada...
  8. trumprefugee

    Canadian Citizenship?...Really?...Oh My

    1) It's true that some costs are higher in Canada, especially those related to cars and transportation. But some big expenses, such as housing, are cheaper. Before people point out the high costs in Toronto and Vancouver, note that those are the two most expensive parts of Canada and should be...
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    Canadian Citizenship?...Really?...Oh My

    I just stumbled upon this thread. Glad to read your story, @Wyfarer , and congrats on the Canadian citizenship! There actually is a push for free movement (living and working) among the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand If this happens...
  10. trumprefugee

    ontario standard lease

    Sorry, I mistyped. I did mean the seller seemed to put in a clause about being able to back out of the purchase contract if it turned out you bought it for investment instead of personal use. But now that you mention HST rebate, it sounds like the builder gave you HST rebate (or advertised as...
  11. trumprefugee

    ontario standard lease

    Sounds like this homeowner is violating zoning laws that forbid the operation of a hotel. Many jurisdictions do not allow the operation of a hotel or require those operating a hotel to obtain certain licenses. There are big differences between running a hotel, a rental property, or renting out...
  12. trumprefugee

    ontario standard lease

    Was this from the agreement of purchase and sale? It sounds like the seller has the right to back out if he discovers that you intended to buy this property for personal use, not investment. But once the sale closes, the place is yours, and the seller can't do anything. Now if this house is a...
  13. trumprefugee

    ontario standard lease

    Is this a house or a condo? It sounds like a condo. As others have suggested, you should read your condo by-laws. However, I think more likely you are not allowed to rent out your place if you are not living there, but it is probably ok to rent out some rooms if you are living there. By law...
  14. trumprefugee

    ontario standard lease

    Most landlords in Ontario are required to use the standard lease now. However, there are a few exceptions, such as when the landlord is renting out a room in a house where the landlord also lives (and the tenant needs to share a bathroom and/or kitchen with the landlord).
  15. trumprefugee

    Looking for a room in Ottawa (Near University of Ottawa)

    You probably have found something for this semester by now, but I should have one or more rooms opening up in the next few months if you are looking again.
  16. trumprefugee

    Housing Help

    Your budget is realistic for Mississauga but just not the convenient parts of Toronto
  17. trumprefugee

    How to transfer funds to purchase a house

    I recently bought real estate and used a currency exchange company that exchanges high dollar amounts. I was converting US dollars, and they directly deducted my US dollars from my US currency account and directly deposited the Canadian dollars into my Canadian bank account.
  18. trumprefugee

    How I got three job offers while being outside Canada

    Thanks for the update, and congrats on the new job, move and baby! All of the parts you mentioned interest me, but at this time I'm most interested in hearing about your financial arrangement, especially your real estate strategy (you mentioned a rental in Windsor before - did you buy another...
  19. trumprefugee

    Ray of Hope - 99th Draw

    Hey @PixelDust ! Good to see you here again, and congrats on immigrating to Australia. How is life in Australia so far? I am loving Canada. I moved to Toronto on May 28, updates in my sig and blog :)