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    Biometrics request letter

    No idea about paper based applications.
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    Gear energy Ltd

    Fake. Do not give anyone any documents or any money.
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    Biometrics request letter

    If you have given an email address, then, yes.
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    Parents coming on visitor visa - insurance.

    Usually, you just hand out the insurance information to the hospital and they deal with the insurance on their own. One doesn't have to go through the claim's process. My mum didn't had to.
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    Visa for Parents

    How big is the difference?
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    Parents coming on visitor visa - insurance.

    From where are they coming? Buying travel insurance from home country is usually cheaper than buying Canadian insurance.
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    Tourist Visa Rejection

    Official processing time for visa applications is 11 days, however that includes the time for printing of visa as well. My dad had applied for a tourist visa and his was approved within 4 days, printing of visa took another 4 days. So, total 8 days. All officer's go through the file carefully...
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    Payemnt receipt

    Contact IRCC with the receipt and ask them whether it is fake or genuine. Btw, the fee for work permit application in Canada is CAD 155 + CAD 85 for biometrics.
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    Cash Payment

    You need to have a reference letter from the employer stating your salary. They need not mention the mode of payment. I did not submit any bank statements or cash vouchers or salary slips, just the reference letter along with the business card of the signee.
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    Work Experience Proof Query

    Yes, it can be counted as long as you can get reference letter which states your working hours, roles and responsibilities, job title, your salary
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    Can my sibling employ me in his registered startup? Will that count for Express Entry?

    Yes, you can join him and work for him. There is no law that prohibits you from working for anyone.
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    Express entry

    Processing time is 6 months from the date of your AOR. You may receive it earlier or later, but that depends on luck.
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    Need help on Internship work experience (unable to retrieve pay stub)

    You may use the internship experience. Pay stubs are not necessary documents. I did not provide any paystubs.
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    Is this job offer genuine or fraud?

    Fake. Do not pay anyone any money in any kind.
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    Wes or ices

    Check UGC website for approval status of Sunrise University, ON YOUR OWN.
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    Previous/Old/Withdrawn Express Entry Profile

    If you withdrew your profile, you did not submit an application to IRCC, so you can select 'No' to the question.
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    Wes or ices

    Only universities approved by UGC are recognised by ICES and other evaluation agencies. I do not know about UGC approval status of Sunrise University.