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  1. Synoptic


    If you or your PA is from the Philippines, and you received a notice that your application is transferred or forwarded to Case Processing Centre - Mississauga rather than Manila VO, please share your timeline and updates. Good luck to us!
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    Let's get this rolling! Who just submitted their outland spousal sponsorship application or will be applying this month? Comment here to check for updates and ask questions. Cheers!
  3. Synoptic

    **SYDNEY, NOVA SCOTIA CPC* - Outland Spousal Applications

    This is a thread for applicants who have submitted or will be submitting their outland spousal applications to Sydney, Nova Scotia. Post updates or questions here. Good luck to everyone!
  4. Synoptic

    Outland sponsorship but Case Processing Centre doesn't forward it to local VO?

    Is it true that depending on the case and strength of proof, the officer handling your outland application in Canada can choose not to forward it to PA's local visa office? I was talking with an IRCC agent and he mentioned this to me. I just wanted to confirm if this is true and how fast those...
  5. Synoptic

    Sponsor going to PA's country while outland application is ongoing. HELP!

    Hello. I'm a sponsor and a PR in Canada. I am going to my wife's country for 3 months to work remotely while our application is ongoing. Is this not allowed? Will this affect our application negatively? I am aware of the residency requirement that I must be physically in Canada for 2 years in...
  6. Synoptic

    Sponsor is PA's unpaid representative. What to do??

    Hello everyone, I've just sent our application today and the Sydney Processing Centre should receive it by Monday or Tuesday of next week. I am the sponsor by the way, and I had my wife sign the Use of a Representative [IMM 5476] form because I was filling out everything. As I'm looking at the...