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  1. Anxiouswifey

    Supervisa Process Question

    We submitted an application for a Supervisa through a VAC. The application was showing as under review, but has since updated to documentation requested. Upon checking email we found a request for a medical which we could not complete upfront. Is this a positive sign for the outcome of the...
  2. Anxiouswifey

    What Happens after interview ...

    A family member who applied inland is doing their interview this week. Does her spouse get their PR right away? Also, his daughter is currently in Jamaica and on the application. When will she be able to travel to Canada?
  3. Anxiouswifey

    Dependant going back home to live with other parent

    My husband and his two sons were approved as permanent residents last year. Unfortunately, one of the boys has had a hard time adjusting to life in Canada. The decision has been made to return the son back to his mother. Will this child be able to return to Canada when he is older? Also...