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  1. ricky.kaushal

    Surrey Oath Timeline

    Hi All, My file is handled by Surrey IRCC. I am waiting for Oath ceremony and over the other posts everyone including me(sorry) written Vancouver as their centre.. who else is waiting for Oath in Surrey let’s connect and see how long to wait
  2. ricky.kaushal

    Thank you to the amazing forum and their amazing members

    Hello All, I was thanking the people who have helped me in 2017 and how can i forget this forum. I believe that most of us started journey from Applying Visa(Study or work) then PR and now Citizenship. I personally want to thank this forum and their star members for helping us in clarifying so...
  3. ricky.kaushal

    US Entries not known

    Hi All, Congrats to all who became eligible to apply for Citizenship and Best of luck to all who applied already. I have a question about the below scenario. Please reply if you can. Came to Canada on student visa - July 2011 Became PR - Sept 2015 Dates known for US entries -> From May 2014...
  4. ricky.kaushal

    Landed in Aug-Sept, Waiting for PR Card

    Lets have info sharing on processing time for PR card for people landed in Aug-Sept
  5. ricky.kaushal

    Passport sent in Aug 2015 to CIC for stamping

    I sent mine on Aug 4th and reached Ottawa on Aug 5th. Please update your info for tracking :)
  6. ricky.kaushal

    Just need your comments on this situation

    Hi All, I want to know the comments of you guys on my situation. I applied PR last year in March and still my application status is in application received status. My time line is as follows. Application sent March 27 Application received April 3 2014 Medical May 2 2014 Medical received on...
  7. ricky.kaushal

    Just Wishes

    Happy new year to all ... may god fulfill all of your dreams in this year :D :D :D :D
  8. ricky.kaushal

    Updates to know CIC is working

    Hi All, I am starting this new topic to know if CIC is working on any of the application now a days. As we all can see from the forum that people are stuck in IP's, PPR's and DM's. I can see lots of people are stuck in DM and still waiting for ppr. Lots of in IP's. I will request any of you...
  9. ricky.kaushal

    BC-PNP urgent matter ... Please help my friend

    Hi All, My friend, she applied for BC-PNP in July and still waiting for her nomination. She applied with her husband as dependent and her husband is in Canada through LMO and working from Last 2 years. Her visa is getting expired in Feb-2015 and i think that she will get her nomination before...
  10. ricky.kaushal

    Random Talks :) 8)

    I just wanted to create thread where we can share the random talks. So lets start with how are you guys? This wait is killing so lets chat to get some relaxation. I am checking my status everyday but i know that it will not be updated before nov. :P
  11. ricky.kaushal

    Anyone needs info about FDU-Vancouver ... PM me

    i graduated from this university and will tell yoiu anything about this university.
  12. ricky.kaushal

    2014 PNP PR Applicant's Spreadsheet :)

    Please guys update according to your info. You guys have all access to this spreadsheet. Thanks, Ricky
  13. ricky.kaushal

    PR Process Timelines for Applicants inside Canada

    Hi Guys , Can you all who got PR through PNP stream, Please share their timelines. So that everyone can know how long it will take to get PR. Thanks in Advance. Ricky
  14. ricky.kaushal

    March - April PNP PR Batch :)

    Hi guys, I am starting this thread for march - april PNP PR batch. If we have any other thread then please post link here so everyone can be on same page. I sent my file and CIO, NS recieved it today. Thanks, Ricky
  15. ricky.kaushal

    PR Application Supplimentary travel info

    Hi guys, I need an expert advice. I am about to file PR application and for that i have to fill my travel history for last 10 years. I been to US for lots of times say 100 times in last 3 years. How to fill that information when i can't remenber the dates? I am very much confused. Please help...
  16. ricky.kaushal


    Hi all, Those who wants apply from Surrey and needs a good consultant can ping me in private message. I will provide the contact details. Thanks, Ricky
  17. ricky.kaushal

    BC PNP December 2013

    Hi Guys, Just thought to start a new thread for BC PNP applications submitted in December, 2013. I submitted my application today and now wait time started. :) Let we all discuss our concerns and try to help others who are going to apply soon. I applied for BC PNP under international graduate...
  18. ricky.kaushal

    CEC Query ????

    Hi, Can anyone tell me the email id to contact CIC for verifying NOC Code? I want to confirm NOC code before filling an application. Thanks in advance, Ricky
  19. ricky.kaushal

    CEC Requirements ??????????

    Hi All, I have one simple question to ask from you guys. In CEC do we have to take Documents from employer or just experience certificate is ok? Is salary matters if you are applying CEC? Thanks Ricky
  20. ricky.kaushal

    Help needed from experts for BC-PNP :-))

    Hi all, The question is not about me it about my friend who is working as Software Test Engineer with some local company not MNC(But company is eligible to apply for BC-PNP). He is getting paid $36,000 per annum. I think he crossed the threshhold income with the large margin but if we calculate...