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  1. confusednscared

    Confirmation of Permanent Residence Document

    In my COPR they have put my old address in Canada even though in all their correspondences they use my present, updated address. I know the address is very critical for CIC to mail the PR Card but I was wondering if it's a major deal to get it changed before leaving for Canada or should I make...
  2. confusednscared

    Those already landed from outland: What information is listed in PR Visa?

    I was just wondering if anyone can share exactly what information is typed on your Spousal PR Visa and if you ever encounter problems clearing immigration from your homeland? Also, do you think the Canadian Government notifies your local Government that they have accepted you into Canada and...
  3. confusednscared

    What happens next after interview?

    I had my interview 2 months ago and the VO told me that they will push to approve my application. I was deported from Canada and CIC knows that I will need ARC. Well, my IO that is handling my case wasn't sure if I do or don't need Authorization to Return to Canada (ARC) but he still said that...
  4. confusednscared

    CAIPS shows: IMM 1017s Requested

    Hey guys, My CAIPS notes shows that the IO has requested for IMM 1017s because my meds have expired earlier in the year. Is this usually a good sign that there is a greater possibility of having the application approved?
  5. confusednscared

    What documents were you asked to bring to your interview?

    Hey all, I have my interview scheduled for next week and my letter is very general. It doesn't have much information. I was wondering what documents you were asked to bring to your interview. Here is what it says: If additional documents are required, a form letter outlining those which...
  6. confusednscared

    Interview questions from your experience

    Please post any question/s your spouse has been asked at his/her interview regardless of VO processing the PR application. I am in dire need to get an idea what I should expect at my interview. I have already gone over the typical interview questions online but I am missing the real...
  7. confusednscared

    Interview in 2 weeks and no form of communcation or letter from VO

    I hope someone can provide some information regarding why is it that VOs don't send out interview letters or inform their clients of upcoming interviews. My only clue that I have an interview scheduled is on e-CAS. I have no idea what time it is, the location or what documents I should have in...
  8. confusednscared

    Interview and still no communication from VO. Normal or not?

    My interview is in about a month from now and I still haven't received any instructions from the POS office. Is this normal that they take forever to send out their interview letters? E-CAS only has the update and aside from that, I have had no correspondence whatsoever with the Visa Office. I...
  9. confusednscared

    Misrepresentation or Not?

    In the application for PR (Spousal Questionnaire) under the section where CIC asks for a list of family and friends both parties have met for each other we have included the month and year only. We didn't quite remember the exact date in the month I (person being sponsored) have met these people...
  10. confusednscared

    Filing a complaint to CHC and the Minister of CIC for lack of customer service??

    My partner and I have been thinking about CIC a lot lately and feel that it's very unfair to those who have had their applications in process for so long and others that have come in front of us and by pass the long wait and processing time. We know that each case is different but at the same...
  11. confusednscared

    Medical REDO

    I have a question regarding medical re-do forms: - How does the form look and what sort of information is on the form that is revealed to the DMP? - Does it state personal information such as the type of sponsorship, name of your spouse, etc? - Is it the same form (Pink Sheet) like that...
  12. confusednscared

    Port of Spain Office, Trinidad and Tobago

    Hey Everyone, Please feel most welcome to share your timeline and overall experiences going through the Port of Spain office :)
  13. confusednscared

    Right of Permanent Residence Fee

    My sponsorship application has been approved since July last year from CPC-M and has been transferred to the VO at Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago which started processing in August, 2009. I haven't paid my RPRF and I think from reading many other forums that it'd be best to pay the RPRF...