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  1. mandiebraxton

    January 2020 AINP NOI

    So AINP updated their website on Jan 6 2020 and there is no update of any new draws this month. I want to believe a draw will take place this week. Myself, like many others are keenly waiting for NOI this year. Please if you receive NOI...
  2. mandiebraxton

    Extension or overstay by 4 days

    Hi seniors, I’m in a bit of a dilemma. My MIL visited us in March last year ( on a 5 yr visa) and we extended her stay from September to December 2018 (3 months). However due to some family emergency, she left on November 16 2018 before before the extension was approved on November 30. Fast...
  3. mandiebraxton

    Ralph Goodale

    I am in Canada and I never heard of this MP before, but for this forum. Unfortunately he just lost his seat to a conservative candidate. Hope this new MP can continue to help people with their applications.
  4. mandiebraxton

    Did not list step sister on PR application

    I got my PR in 2013 and currently a citizen. During my PR application I omitted to mention my step sister (different father) as it was a strained relationship I had no details of her whereabouts. During a family function back home last year we reconnected and I found out she has a son (27)...
  5. mandiebraxton

    "We started processing your application on.." what does this mean??

    I am not one to start a new topic unnecessarily but I would like some input on what "we started processing your application on xxxx" actually means? It's almost a magical feeling to see that that 'third line' on ecas....someone aptly described this as 'Post IP Blues'. Just to clarify, I am...
  6. mandiebraxton


    In case people don't already know.... So I just happened to log on to my CRA account today and noticed that there has been some upgrades by CRA and I can now access certain information that were not there before. One of such information is "our friend" Option C print, which there has been...
  7. mandiebraxton

    Where is Qorax?

    Hi you all, Been more than a week since I last saw Qorax active on any of the threads. Anybody knows where he is? .......cos the forum is kinda dull without his useful and practical insight......Mandie
  8. mandiebraxton

    housing in New Brunswick

    Hi, Anyone here living in New Brunswick? Would like to know average cost of accommodation for one bedroom apartment in Moncton or Fredericton. Thanks guys...Mandie
  9. mandiebraxton

    How long is PCC valid for?

    Guys, How long is PCC valid for? I sent my application without PCC from UK (hadn't arrived at the time). Even though not a requirement from VO, sent one from current country. Now UK PCC has arrived and I want to know if I can still send it at a later date when requested by VO or need to get a...
  10. mandiebraxton

    Notarized documents

    hi guys, help me put my mind to rest...i know you have to get documents like certificates (edu, marriage,divorce etc), bank statements and other important docs notarized, except of course the IELTS test certificate which u send the original. now i've got e-mails between me and former employer...
  11. mandiebraxton

    Obtaining AEO after application: does it make any difference?

    hi experts in the forum, i want your opinion on this: if after application is sent to CIC and one gets a job offer leading to AEO, does this in anyway, speed up the process? A friend is at the verge of securing a job with a public institution in Canada, but wants to apply for FSW1 (his NOC is...
  12. mandiebraxton

    NOC code on Schedule 3 Application form

    Hi guys, I am a bit occupation is under social sciences. The first experience Social Service Worker (4+ yrs) falls under Skill Level B (after BA) and my current job, Policy Programme Office (after MA Social Work) falls under Skilled Level A. I am a qualified Social Worker and...
  13. mandiebraxton

    Can't get experience!!

    Hi guys, I am also having difficulty in getting experience letter from my former employer (more than 4 yrs experience). I have made contacts and he appears relunctant to send the letter directly to me. he said he will main it to CIO. No problem, just send me a copy to send with my application...
  14. mandiebraxton

    Your Current Occupation...Que 13

    hi guys, i know this appears simple enough..nevertheless, i don't know how to answer this. I am a UK qualified social worker (with over 4 years experience) but currently working as a project assistant with the UN in another country. now how do i answer this work is my...
  15. mandiebraxton

    Proof of funds - bank statements

    hi guys, is presenting bank statements from 2 different countries acceptable? In my case UK bank statement (within 6 months) with substantial sum of money and bank statement from present country. The sum of both exceeds the $11,115 needed as POF. Please fill me in.
  16. mandiebraxton

    Initial Application - POF

    Hi, Do you need to send proof of funds (to the tune of $11,115 for one applicant) CIO? Thanks to you all!
  17. mandiebraxton

    Social worker:where to start

    Dear all, I am a Ghanaian and UK qualified social worker looking for a social work job in canada.I am currently in Ghana. I am so overwhelmed that I dont know where to start! I am currently having my credentials assesssed by Canadian Association of Social Workers. Any advice?