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    PNP PR PAPER-BASED - April May June July 2019 Applicant —— Let’s share timeline and contact here!!!

    What can I expect for timing? AOR: May 15h 2019 Came to Canada in July 2019 on PNP work visa. MR: October 29th 2019, completed immediately. Additional information required Nov 29th 2019, acknowledged receipt within one week No communication since. Progress bar says 96% complete with...
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    Submit additional documents before AOR

    Hello, My initial application was lost by UPS and so I resent it ASAP in order to get it opened by CIC within the 6 month time of my PNP nomination. To do that I had to send it without the second copy of a police report. Now that I have my police report can I send that it separately now or...
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    Immigration by Land

    I have been approved for the BC PNP. All documents are in hand and will be moving from the US. I plan on arriving by land and will apply for my work permit at the border. I wish to cross at the Roosville Crossing between Montana and BC. My questions is does this crossing process work permits...