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    Vfs tracking shows no record found

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    been received at the Bangalore VAC on 2019/03/14 and is on transit to the IRCC Office in Bangalore ,

    even i got the same message that it is in transit to IRCC office Delhi
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    applied through GCkey

    I applied for visitor visa along with my family members through GCkey and we were asked for biometrics in any VFS. So we chose VFS chandigarh and biometrics done there. No body ask us for passport submission. My question is when are they going to ask me for passports to be stamped?its about a...
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    Biometric fee

    she is student and single and we are planning to visit Canada together
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    Biometric fee

    I applied visa for five family members including me online through GCKey and fee of 500+170CAD was paid. I got letters for four members for biometric but for fifth that is for my daughter the letter was to pay fee of 85CAD. I am confused. what should I do?
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    taking along nephew without his parents to Canada

    we are joint family and me along with my wife,daughter and nephew planning to visit Canada. My nephew parents that is my brother and his wife are not coming to Canada. I want to know what additional document i do need for my nephew to get visa
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    GC KEY

    I made GC key and applied for my visa--shall i make seprate GCKey for my wife and daughter for the visit visa or can i apply through the same key as we all three have to go all together. please suggest me all necessary please